Where would we be without mobile phones?

Even though it’s only been around a decade since mobile phone use really exploded, a life without our little friends is already unimaginable. There are now 3 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and a staggering 74 million connections in Britain alone (not bad, considering that’s more than there are people). It’s basically become impossible to picture life without them, whether you’re a BlackBerry addicted commuter, or just want to organise meeting your friends down the pub.

So at Proporta, we thought you might like to know about a lesser known anniversary – the date of the first proper mobile phone conversation. On April 3rd 1973 Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first call on a properly portable mobile phone. We don’t know what he said, but as it was to a rival developer at Bell Labs, we’re sure that Mr Cooper was probably pretty pleased with himself. So when April 3rd rolls around this year, you might like to join us in raising a glass to that pioneering moment 36 years ago, and pause to think about what life would be like if it had never happened…


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