Touchscreen gloves – your new winter staple

Winter is on its way so it’s time to prepare yourself. How many times have you missed a call because it took too long to take your gloves off? With Proporta’s touchscreen gloves this is a problem of the past.

touchscreen gloves

What are touchscreen gloves?
These smartphone gloves allow you to operate the touch screen and touch pad on your favourite mobile devices while keeping your hands warm and cosy, and are able to accurately operate touch screen keyboards, touch pads, and even fancy cash machines.

How do they work?
Our gloves are made with silver-coated fibres knitted into a soft fabric that put the conductivity back in your touch. This is made possible by mimicking the natural conductivity of your skin with conductive metal dots, thread, or other elements built right into the finger tips of the gloves.

They come in different styles and colours to match any type of outerwear, making them a beautiful gift idea for your friends.

– The touchscreen gloves are stretchy and fit with sizes.
– Available in three different colours (Cream/Brown, Red).
– Comfortable fabric and unisex style.

You can find Proporta touchscreen gloves at our website.


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