Top 10 April Fools

Oh what fun, Proporta loves this day. We have a right ol’ laugh. Here’s a few of our favourites that we’ve come across today…

Google Translate for Animals
And our favouriate line here is, “Herbivores and omnivores are not known for their linguistic ability. Although it has been discovered that tortoises have expansive general knowledge.” What a hoot.

Ref revolution is wheely great

TwitPic – Extra Terrestrial Encounter Protection

Atom smasher plan for London’s Circle Line

Kodak – Aromatography

Google Docs – Upload anything

Ferrets to revolutionise Broadband

BMW – Political Roundels

Macmillan Cancer Support launches April Fool’s campaign

Prof Brian Cox to appear in Corrie

And one for good measure:

Give Yourself a Jump Start with Proporta

Enjoy the rest of it whilst it lasts – in fact, it’s past midday so I think that’s it for this year. Until next year….

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