The newest additions to the Apple family

The Apple Autumn press conference has been hotly anticipated by tech lovers across the globe, and they are unlikely to be disappointed after Steve Jobs unveiled multiple new products and services to add to his already bulging portfolio.

The first topic on the agenda was iOS, the operating system on which Apple’s mobile devices are powered with over 120 million iOS devices shipped since the launch of the iPhone and a further 230,000 new iOS activations per day, this is big business for Apple.

The newly updated system iOS 4.1 will be available on free download via iTunes from next week and boasts High Dynamic Range photos, HD video uploads over WIFI, TV show rentals, Game center and most importantly all previous bugs (proximity, bluetooth, iPhone 3G) have been fixed.

Jobs then went on to say give a sneak preview of iOS 4.2 “”This is all about iPad. All of it is coming to iPad”  he said.  Many of the features that iPhone users know and love will be available on iPad in November and will also be a free update.

Of the new iPod range Jobs said excitedly “This year we’ve gone wild. We have all new iPods this year for every single model of iPods. The biggest change in the lineup ever.”

First up was the new shuffle; even smaller than its predecessors the new model which is available in five colours boasts: a 15 hour battery life. playlists, voiceover, genius mixes and they have brought back the buttons.

Next on the list was the new look nano.  Like the shuffle it has been made much smaller-46% in fact, the traditional click wheel has been eliminated and replaced with multi touch, transforming it into a mini iPod touch.  46% lighter, with a 24 hour battery life and handy clip it is available in six colours in both 8GB and 16GB versions

And it turned out the rumours were true, Jobs next announcement was the next generation iPod touch.

“The touch has been a remarkable product for us. It’s become the most popular iPod. People call it an iPhone without the phone — it’s also an iPhone without the contract!. But it’s also become the #1 portable game player in the world.”

And the new model certainly won’t disappoint touch fans. Thinner and “even more beautiful” it boasts LED back lighting, front and back cameras, Retina Display in it. 4x the pixels at 326 ppi, 24 bit color, HD video, 40 hours of music playback and an impressive 40 hour battery life.

The three model 8GB, 32GB and 64GB will all be available from next week.

After talking briefly about iAds, Jobs went on to unveil iTunes 10 and its new logo

The biggest change to everyone’s favourite online music store was the introduction of Ping Ping ” it’s a social network for music. It’s like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. It’s all about music.” says Jobs. It allows people to follow their friends and be followed, post thoughts and opinions, access over 17,000 concert listing and loads more besides. All 160 million iTunes users will be able to sign up immediately.

iTunes 10 will be available later today as a free download.

The final announcement of the day was  the second generation of Apple TV, a significant redesign for the device. At one-fourth the size of the original Apple TV, the new device features HDMI and digital audio outputs, as well as Ethernet and 802.11n Wi-Fi and will offer only rentals from the iTunes Store.

Unlike the previous Apple TV, the new model will not have any significant internal storage, relying on streaming content only. Additionally, media can no longer be purchased but only rented.

Steve Jobs rounded up the conference with a summary of the new products and services and then went on to say ” We started doing this music stuff because we love music Whenever we have these events, we like to remind ourselves of why we do this, and there’s no better way to do that than to ask one of our favorite artists to perform. We did that and he accepted. “We asked Chris Martin if he had the time to come out and perform for us at this event — and he graciously accepted. Please welcome Chris Martin.”

All new iPod models will be available starting next week and are available for pre-order on Apple’s site today and a range of cases for both the new iPod touch and nano are for sale on at Proporta now.

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