The Funkiest Projector You Will Ever See…

Sometimes a new gadget gives you the feeling that a little slice of science fiction has just dropped into your life. Not because you’ve managed to get your hands on the first teleporter or time machine, but just because there’s that sense of, well…cool. The Nokia Pulse Projector stirs up precisely that feeling, here at Proporta anyway, and makes us all severely tempted to get one.


This dinky little device is basically a multimedia player extraordinaire. Despite measuring only 9.5×4.5×4.5cm, it features a 1,000 lumens projector that will cast 15”-60” images up to 8 ft and a NXT speaker with Dolby sound processing. And the cleverest bit is that, through Bluetooth and Pulse technology, you can use your mobile as a remote control and streaming source. In other words, everything from browsing the internet, giving presentations, watching films or having group video conferences can be done with just your mobile and this tiny little gizmo – anywhere, any time. You can even project images on to a table surface, and the rotating head makes it easy to line up your picture.

All in all, a very funky little device which also happens to look rather stylish. Put some wheels on there and it could be R2D2…

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