Texting while walking made illegal

Texting while walking

A town in New Jersey, USA has recently hit headlines around the world for making texting while walking a crime.

117 tickets were were issued by police in Fort Lee to anyone caught using their phones while walking.

At first, it was widely believed that this new offence was being punished for people walking down the street using their phone. However, Police Chief Thomas Ripoli has set the record straight by informing the world that tickets have only been issued to those texting while walking across a road.

It turns out the reasoning behind this seemingly unusual new legislation is due to the fact that 3 people were killed and 23 hurt in just a 3 month period in this small town of only 35,000 residents.

This is believed to be the first area to introduce such a law, with the police insisting that only if you are caught “jaywalking” (crossing a road without using a pedestrian crossing) and texting you will be booked.

Image sourced from Looking Glass

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