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Daffodils for David

The 1st of March is St. David’s Day, the day when the Welsh pin on daffodils (or leeks) to honour their patron saint. Like St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, this is a day of national importance, and in recent years there have been campaigns to make it a bank holiday across the country, and celebrations have become more and more widespread, from parades through town centres, to concerts and eisteddfodau everywhere from pubs to primary schools. You can enjoy St. David’s Day wherever you’re from (after all, not being Irish never stopped you having a few pints of Guiness), but you never know what’s hiding in your family tree, so do a little research and you might be surprised to find some Welsh in you too. Happy St. David’s Day, or as our celtic brothers would say, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!