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iPhone 4S waterproof phone case favourites

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday or are a keen watersports enthusiast, protecting your iPhone from water damage is essential. Not using waterproof cases when you’re around any wet environment could be a grave mistake. Check out our favourite iPhone 4S waterproof phone case choices that will ensure a dunk in the pool won’t spoil your £500 pride and glory and keep it bone dry.


1. Amphibian Waterproof iPhone Case – keep it nice and dry and still use your phone while submerged

2. BeachBuoy Bike Mount – for protection against water, dust and dirt whilst cycling

3. Roxy BeachBuoy Waterproof iPhone 4S Case – protection against water damage with fashion brand Roxy

4. Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 4S Case – another great option in ensuring your iPhone is in a wet free zone

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How to Choose a Mobile Phone Case for Sports

If you’re an active person, your mobile phone case has to be able to withstand plenty of extreme conditions, particularly if you use your smartphone as part of your sporting activities. There are many options of iPhone 4S cases or other brands to choose from according to the type of exercise you do, so whether you require a waterproof phone case for watersports or a phone armband for jogging, you’ll certainly find what you’re after with Proporta.

If your sporting activity takes place mainly in the gym and you’re not too keen on the trance coming out of their speakers, you’ll definitely benefit from a phone armband. This nifty mobile phone case wraps around your arm and allows you to job, stretch, and flex at will. Plus, a mobile armband allows you to use the touch screen and other functions without having to remove your device.

For those who are active in and around water, there’s no need to leave your poor little phone behind. Thanks to the Proporta BeachBuoy, the 100% waterproof phone case, you can use your phone in up to 5 metres of water. Whether you’re sailing, surfing or fishing you need not worry about damaging your smartphone with this waterproof phone case.
BeachBuoy waterproof phone case

For iPhone users, making sure you have a hard shell iPhone protective case will always be worth it in a range of sporty situations. Be sure to choose an iPhone protective case that can withstand the knocks of the impact should you drop it whilst engaged in competition. The last thing you need is a phone casualty whilst trying to beat your opponent.

phone armband

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