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Top 5 waterproof cases – keeping your gadgets dry on holiday

The waterproof case has come a long way recently, with a number of gadgets being protected from water damage for a range of different circumstances. Whether it’s a waterproof Kindle cover or a waterproof iPhone case, you can make sure that when you’re on the beach, by the pool or in the bath your phone or tablet is kept safe.

1. BeachBuoy Waterproof Kindle cover (also compatible with other e-readers)
Perfect for lounging on a lilo or reading in the bath, this waterproof Kindle cover allows you to sink into a good book while protected in up to 5 metres of water.

Waterproof Kindle cover

2. BeachBuoy waterproof iPhone case (also compatible with other smartphones)
Keep your iPhone and other smartphones or MP3 players protected from water damage in the BeachBuoy waterproof iPhone case.

Waterproof iPhone case

3. BeachBuoy BikeMount
A fantastic piece of kit to attach to your bike handlebars, meaning you can use your smartphone apps and other navigation tools whilst riding.

BeachBuoy BikeMount

4. BeachBuoy Waterproof iPad case (compatible with other tablets too)
With this waterproof case, you can use your iPad safely around or even in water!

Waterproof iPad case

5. Amphibian Waterproof iPhone case
Securely tightened around the iPhone 4 / 4S, the Amphibian waterproof iPhone case is perfect for underwater photography in particular in up to 3 metres of water.

Waterproof iPhone case