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How to make your smartphone, Kindle or tablet 100% waterproof

100% waterproof BeachBuoy cases


Ever wanted to read your Kindle or iPad in the bath? Not sure what to do with your phone or valuables when you jump in the sea? Use our award winning BeachBuoy (or should that be BathBuoy?) and your precious device will be kept 100% waterproof. View our collection of BeachBuoys here and grab yourself 15% off at the checkout using promo code ‘STAYDRY’.

iOS 7 doesn’t make your iPhone waterproof, but the BeachBuoy does

Don’t be fooled by the recent fake ad suggesting that the iOS 7 software update will magically turn your iPhone into a water baby.

Unfortunately for them, plenty of gullible people believed a hoax “advertisement” that appeared online this week, suggesting that iOS 7 makes your iPhone waterproof, and ended up permanently damaging their iPhones by testing the theory out.

“Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof”, the poster read.

“In an emergency, a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry,” it went on to say.

ios 7 waterproof fake ad

The poster was shared all over the social networks, and resulted in many people taking its word for gospel and dunking their precious iPhones in water.

We would advise that you never place your iPhone in water. That is to say, never do it without an iPhone 5S / 5C waterproof case. The BeachBuoy waterproof case by Proporta allows you to use your smartphone while truly protecting it in up to 5 metres of water.

Find iPhone waterproof cases at Proporta.

How to survive a zombie attack

With Halloween approaching, you may find that you’re at the centre of a zombie attack and don’t know what to do. Put down that hand-made slingshot, there’s no need for violence when you live in a world full of useful smartphone accessories and apps. Whether you have an Android or Apple phone/tablet, you can make sure you’re fully prepared in case of the event that we are taken over by the undead with the following Proporta survival kit.

Zombies - aaah!

Sports Armband
You’ll need to be fit as a fiddle if you’re going to be running away from horrid monsters, so the Sports Armband for iPhone and other smartphones will help you in all your training. We suggest listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ to get you in the mood while running.

Sports Armband

TurboCharger 7000 External Battery
In times of impending doom, there’s nothing worse than running out of battery juice. Make sure you can take advantage of all your handy apps like the compass, maps and Facebook so you can update on the run “I’m being chased by Zombies… Help!” The TurboCharger 7000 can charge your phone up several times and is lightweight enough to carry in your bag.

TurboCharger 7000

BeachBuoy Waterproof Case
Don’t let water or blood spatter slow you down in your escape. With the BeachBuoy waterproof case, your phone is kept dry and clean and remains in use in up to 5 metres of water.

BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

Hard Shell Smartphone Cases and Screen Protectors
Keep your smartphone protected from the inevitable drops, knocks and monster grabs you’ll face. The Proporta hard shell iPhone 5 covers are tough and lightweight, while the iPhone 5 screen protectors make sure the screen is safe.

iPhone 5 Covers

Elephant Camouflage Kit – £ 1,175,000.00 (bargain!)
Lastly, with our Elephant Camouflage Kit, this is the closest you’ll get to becoming invisible. Make sure you stay out of sight and blend in, and hope that zombies have a terrible sense of smell.

Elephant Camo Kit

Top 5 waterproof cases – keeping your gadgets dry on holiday

The waterproof case has come a long way recently, with a number of gadgets being protected from water damage for a range of different circumstances. Whether it’s a waterproof Kindle cover or a waterproof iPhone case, you can make sure that when you’re on the beach, by the pool or in the bath your phone or tablet is kept safe.

1. BeachBuoy Waterproof Kindle cover (also compatible with other e-readers)
Perfect for lounging on a lilo or reading in the bath, this waterproof Kindle cover allows you to sink into a good book while protected in up to 5 metres of water.

Waterproof Kindle cover

2. BeachBuoy waterproof iPhone case (also compatible with other smartphones)
Keep your iPhone and other smartphones or MP3 players protected from water damage in the BeachBuoy waterproof iPhone case.

Waterproof iPhone case

3. BeachBuoy BikeMount
A fantastic piece of kit to attach to your bike handlebars, meaning you can use your smartphone apps and other navigation tools whilst riding.

BeachBuoy BikeMount

4. BeachBuoy Waterproof iPad case (compatible with other tablets too)
With this waterproof case, you can use your iPad safely around or even in water!

Waterproof iPad case

5. Amphibian Waterproof iPhone case
Securely tightened around the iPhone 4 / 4S, the Amphibian waterproof iPhone case is perfect for underwater photography in particular in up to 3 metres of water.

Waterproof iPhone case

iPhone 4S waterproof phone case favourites

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday or are a keen watersports enthusiast, protecting your iPhone from water damage is essential. Not using waterproof cases when you’re around any wet environment could be a grave mistake. Check out our favourite iPhone 4S waterproof phone case choices that will ensure a dunk in the pool won’t spoil your £500 pride and glory and keep it bone dry.


1. Amphibian Waterproof iPhone Case – keep it nice and dry and still use your phone while submerged

2. BeachBuoy Bike Mount – for protection against water, dust and dirt whilst cycling

3. Roxy BeachBuoy Waterproof iPhone 4S Case – protection against water damage with fashion brand Roxy

4. Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 4S Case – another great option in ensuring your iPhone is in a wet free zone

Find all these waterproof phone case options at Proporta.

what are our favorite Proporta products…and why?

Over the past week in the office we have been asking the question ‘ What is your favourite Proporta products and why?’

We asked everyone one from the guys in the warehouse to Guy our Managing Director what cases and items they liked and we have a very broad response, a few classics were in there but a few cheeky supervises slipped in there as well.


Have a read and see what you think, maybe it is the same as you? If it is we would love to hear from you…

Marta G – USB TurboCharger 5000

I love this product because it means that I never run out of power during my travels

Chris C – Doodle Pad Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4/4S

Creative, funny design – I remember doing drawing like that when I was a kid on note books etc. It’s more a nostalgic case which I like.

Nick H – BeachBuoy Waterproof case

If only I’d had one with me this summer when I was on the beach and a freak wave wiped out my iPhone4 in an instant. I have now bought one!

Lynnette P – My favourite Proporta product is the Ted Baker Kindle Case.

It has a really nice faux-croc design on the outside and a lovely rose print lining. I always get lots of “oohs and aaaahs” on the train whenever I use it. It’s also got a document holder that’s really handy when travelling (it’s housed many a plane ticket) and the book style means that I can still assume my normal reading position even though I’m now down wiv da kidz.

Stephanie S – Ted Baker Hard Shell Case (Garden Print)

I love the design and the quality of the case. Piece of art.

Ben T – GadgetBag

This is my favourite product because it is very handy when on the move and can store lots of valuables such as my iPhone, wallet and any other valuables I may have on me. Lightweight and stylish too.

Guy M – BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

Pure genius!

Nick W – My favourite product is the Profile Case for the iPhone 3G/3GS.

I bought one for my girlfriend, and it’s really tough and sturdy, so she can drop it to her hearts content without fear. She used to have a case from someone else that wore out after a year, but I have a feeling this one will last a lot longer.

Graham B – Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch for iPhone / Smartphone

Perfect for my needs, sleek, stylish and very strong.

Neil M – Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

Soft touch gives this a great feel in the hands I even think the colours great.

Diego A – USB Turbocharger 5000

think is the most portable and versatile of our accessories AND it can also be recharged easily by USB anywhere.

Hiran M – Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Pouch Apple iPhone 4S

ECO Friendly, innovative in the way it uses bamboo sheet and stylish.

Gary R – Turbocharger backpack for iPhone 4/4S

Protection and power in one.

Debbie I – BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

I really think the BeachBuoy is a life-saver. I took it on my last holiday and it protected my iPod from the salty water and the sunshine (oh those halycon days). But, most importantly, it protected this device from the sticky mitts of my two children. Oh, and as the sun went down it doubled as a vessel for an ice-cold beer.

Max D – My favourite product is the USB TurboCharger 5000

as I can’t live without my iPod and BlackBerry, and now they’re never short of power.

Sarah S – Shine case for iPad 2

The vibrant colours and bold patterns make this case stand out from the crowd.