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Dial L for light

You may have noticed that, whenever you receive an email from Proporta, we kindly ask you to print the email only if absolutely necessary.

Proporta is concerned about the environment – not only have we introduced the recycling system to our office, we are also using double-sided printing in order to avoid massive accumulations of paper. Proporta is always looking for new ways to help the environment.

When it comes to recycling and environmentally friendliness we always look up to Germany. The latest trend from our mainland neighbour is light saving. In small cities such as Dörentrup or capitals such as Munich (which you might remember from your last visit to the beer festival, also known as the Oktoberfest) you can now switch on the streetlight with your mobile phone. “How is this possible?” you may ask yourself. Well, apparently nothing is impossible in the land of Lederhos´n and mouth watering sausages.*


All you need to do is to register your email address and your mobile phone number with Dial4Light. So, next time you are in Germany and find yourself walking down a dark road, in need of enlightenment, just dial the 6 digit number on the lantern. Only a few seconds later the street lamp will be switched on for 15 minutes. “What is the point of this?” we hear you say. Well, not only is it fun, it saves the environment and it saves a few quid. And who knows: this might become popular in the UK one day and you will see that the next council tax bill will for once not be increased.

*German sausages do not contain any bread