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Spotify spreads to Symbian

Well, it seems that Spotify’s increasingly successful mission to take over the world of digital music is gathering pace. Having already taken control of the way that many people listen to music at work and at home, they’re now making a substantial effort to conquer the mobile market.


By releasing its first mobile app for the Symbian platform, following successful iPhone & Android releases in August, Spotify can now be used by millions of Nokia and Sony Ericsson users wherever they are. Even better, the new app lets you use other phone functions whilst playing music, and you can sync playlists from the desktop app. Premium subscribers, who pay £9.99 a month for ad-free streams can access the new service, and whilst lots of people were content to put up with the ads so long as they didn’t have to pay, we’re betting that many more will be tempted by the prospect of mobile streaming…