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Sleeve Blankets & the Pygmy Dinosaurs

Evolution is a wonderful thing. And as humans seem to be getting ever bigger, we find new and more bizarre ways to save ourselves from moving, including, for those of you sick of having cold arms whilst reading in bed, the sleeve blanket.

Complete with index finger hole for ease of page turning, here at Proporta we think this is actually a rather wonderful idea – even if it is going to make the thought of getting out of bed that little bit harder.

Elsewhere in random news of the last week, it caught our eye that the remains of an island of pygmy dinosaurs, or “Jurassic Parkette” has been discovered in Romania.  Apparently, after being marooned on this island 65m years ago, the dinosaurs no longer needed to put on body mass as there were no predators to feed on them, and instead they got smaller in a process rather charmingly called “island dwarfing”.  A relative of the Argentinosaurus – capable of growing up to 100 feet and weighing in at 80 tons – grew to only the size of a small horse, whilst other “titanosaurs” grew to only half their usual size.

So perhaps we should watch ourselves and our ever lazier tendencies.  Because as these dwarf dinosaurs show, changing your environment can change the whole course of your species.  But a little bit of bedtime luxury won’t make the difference, surely, so we say to hell with humanity – just don yourself a sleeve blanket and curl up with a good book.