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Strongest iPhone and iPad mini cases yet – Carbon Fiber now available

carbon fibre

Our strongest iPhone and iPad mini cases ever have arrived. Constructed from shotgun tested carbon fiber as well as fine quality, hand-stitched leather, the new Carbon Fiber collection is ready to keep your iPhone 5/5S and iPad mini 2 safe from the hardest knocks that life throws at you.

Carbon fiber benefits

Five times stronger than steel, yet weighs two-thirds less

Used in aerospace, motorsport racing and now iPhone and iPad mini cases

Withstand shotgun fire from 20 yards

Find out more about our Carbon Fiber collection.

How to survive Halloween


The day has come. Some love it, some hate it and some don’t care… Halloween is here.

In some countries, Halloween is getting more and more popular with each year that passes, for example in the US and in the UK.



Everyone wants to have the scariest look at the party, but not everyone is quite there yet. Proporta is here to help you to spice up your look and survive the party.



Your Personalised Case


With this case you don’t even need the creepiest outfit, as this will be the inimitable highlight at every party. You can visit our website and take an image from our Halloween Collection or upload your own spooky one. Let’s get creating.



The BeachBuoy – Waterproof Case


At Halloween you’re sure to see a lot of blood all over the place. If you want to protect your Phone from the gory red stuff, this is a must-have. 

The Beachbouy - Waterproof case



And last but not least..


iPhone 5/5S Charging Case


iPhone 5/5S Charging Case


One of the worst things that could happen: You’re running out of battery juice. To avoid that and protect your iPhone from drunken bearish people, you could use the brand new Charging Case which is a protective case at the same time.


We hope you have a creepy day. Happy Halloween everyone.



Smartwatches – the new trend?

Have you heard about the Smartwatch? It’s a little Smartphone, which you wear like a watch. But it doesn’t replace it. It works with your smartphone (which has to be within 10m range of the Smartwatch to work).

Now you might think, what do I need that for?
Good question, it’s definitely a luxury item. Some benefits could be that you’re kept up-to-date in every situation. We’ve thought of some situations where the smartwatch could be very useful:

1. You’re sitting in the cinema and your phone is in your bag. No need to rifle around for it, just have a cheeky look at your smartwatch to minimise fuss.
2. You’re talking to someone and it would be ignorant to look on your phone all the time, you can pretend that you’re looking at the time and keep all your friends.
3.You’re driving a car, your phone is ringing and you’re looking for it, you could risk your life and the life of others. With the smartwatch you coul look on it and decide whether it’s important or not without risking safety.

There are currently a range of Mini-Apps available to download especially designed for the smartwatch, with nearly all big manufacturers having already produced a smartwatch. Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose the right one for you:

For people who need their phone for work and they can’t miss important calls, this could be very useful indeed.

Time will tell if this new gadget will appeal to the masses for everyday life, the jury is still very much out. One thing’s for sure though: it’s certainly an exciting prospect and brings out the sci-fi geek in all of us at Proporta.


Vendor Model Connective with Retail price Highlight
1. Sony SmartWatch Android Smartphones £79.00 Water resistant
2. Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Smartphones £149.99 One-touch NFC
3. Samsung Galaxy Gear Samsung Smartphones £300 S Voice
4. Cookoo COOKOO watch Apple Gadgets & Samsung Galaxy S4 £129.99 Long battery-life



   SmartWatch                        SmartWatch 2          Galaxy Gear             COOKOO watch

Autumn/Winter Trends 2013

Simple tan and grey tones are the absolute fashion trends for autumn/winter this year.
Whether you like it casual, stylish or elegant, cosy oversized coats, warm knits and boots are the way forward for both men and women this season. Thanks to lurex and sequins, we will all be shining bright in our winter attire during the cold period.

The current trends of the winter season include fur (whether real or faux fur) with a black and grey colour scheme – but the freshest colour trend for fall and winter? It’s got to be tan.

What else? Well, knit is in. If it’s your comfy knitted jumpers that granny made for you, the loop scarves (snoods) from last year and the “Norwegian Pattern”, which you’ll find on cuddly sweaters, gloves, dresses and even on some boots.

Proporta wouldn’t be Proporta, if we didn’t think about the right autumn/winter accessories for your gadgets. We consider ourselves a pretty fashionable group (excluding our dodgy Christmas jumper photo) so here are some of our accessories which will help you to stay on trend this year:






2. Ted Baker LG Optimus Black pouch


3. Ted Baker iPhone 5S Winter Case


Sources: Google, Jolie




Create your own Halloween creepy cases for smartphones and tablets


As we’re sure you already know, you can create your own personalised Proporta smartphone case in a few minutes. There are just three simple steps:


STEP 1. Give your phone case a title.


STEP 2. Select your device type. You can choose between the iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and now the iPad mini.


STEP 3. Upload an image, it can be your own image, an image you found on the internet or an image from one of the varied collections, including our exclusive Halloween designs.


Now you’re (almost) finished, in a few days you will get your unique smartphone case.



Halloween creepy case designs

We’ve got collections related to a range of different tastes and topics. At the moment – yep, guess what? It’s a Halloween collection for all you thrill-seekers out there.

You can choose between plenty of different styles, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a pumpkin, a skull or a werewolf, you’ll find a creepy case that suits you.





Halloween creepy case designs

We’ve got collections related to a range of different tastes and topics. At the moment – yep, guess what? It’s a Halloween collection for all you thrill-seekers out there.

You can choose between plenty of different styles, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a pumpkin, a skull or a werewolf, you’ll find a creepy case that suits you.

But don’t think we’ve got caught up in the Halloween hype, these smartphone cases are also high protective and some people even believe they protect you against zombie attacks (yes, we are “some people”).

So if you want to stand out at a forthcoming Halloween party, make sure you get your favourite and inimitable Proporta Smartphone case for a spookily good price of only £19.95 (including free shipping).

Create a case today!



15% off power accessories

pocket power

Don’t be caught short when you’re out and about this summer. With Proporta’s outstanding range of power accessories for smartphones and other gadgets, you won’t run out of battery juice when it matters the most.

This week, enter promotion code POWERUP at the checkout for 15% off the TurboCharger Pocket Powers and the iPhone 4/4S Power Case. But don’t dawdle, the offer is only valid this weekend (ends 9/1/13).

Up to 75% off iPhone 4/4S cases in our massive clearance sale

iphone 4s clearance

The iPhone 4/4S is still one of our favourite cell phones and we have plenty of different protective cases to choose from no matter what your taste is.

We’ve reduced the prices on all of our iPhone 4/4S cases by up to 75%. So if it’s the first time you’ve bought a case for your iPhone 4 / 4S or it’s time to update your current case, now is the time to do it.

Shop now.

Top of the class gadget accessories for a new school semester

Back to School

Start the new semester with Proporta’s Back to School collection of cases and accessories. From iPhone covers to emergency chargers, you can keep your head in the books without worrying about your gadgets this school year.

You can get 15% off our Back to School collection using coupon code TOPCLASS at the checkout this week only.

Promo code TOPCLASS ends 08/23/13.

Our most talked about products revealed

You, our beloved Proportians, have been telling us what you think about our products for a while now, so we thought we’d share some of the lovely things that we’ve been hearing about them lately.

Proporta most reviewed
Do you agree? You can get 10% off any of our most reviewed products featured here by entering TALKTOWN at the checkout this week only.

Promo code TALKTOWN ends 16/8/13.

15% off our bestselling USB TurboCharger 7000

Turbocharger Promo

The USB TurboCharger 7000 packs a powerful 7000 mAh to recharge your smartphone or tablet again and again, wherever you are. So whether you’re heading to a festival, flying overseas or just spending the day out and about, don’t be caught short with an empty battery.

Plus, this week you can get 15% off the USB TurboCharger 7000 by entering coupon code CHARGE15 at the checkout.

Coupon code ends 8/9/13.