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MWC: Nokia announces £13 phone + new smartphones

Nokia has announced a brand new mobile phone that will cost just £13 as well as a host of other, more expensive, smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nokia Lumia

The Finnish phone manufacturer grabbed attention at MWC by showcasing it’s basic mobile phone among all the impressive new technologies we come to expect from such an event.

In an effort to appeal to developing countries, Nokia’s super-cheap phone will boast a colour-screen and an FM radio, with a battery life that will be the envy of the majority of smartphone users.

In addition to this understated product launch, the Nokia Lumia range has also seen an expansion after the worldwide success of the Lumia 800, 820 and 900 models in recent months.

The new Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 versions will be available from March with yet more affordable handsets being at the forefront of their intentions. The Nokia Lumia 520 is set to be the cheapest Windows phone available to buy.

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