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Apple Back to the Mac event

Yesterday Apple hosted a special event at its Cupertino headquarters, for selected members of the media. When the invitations were sent out last week it became clear what the focus of this special event was; with the title “Back to the Mac” it seems clear that Apple wished to move away from the focus on iOS and iPods to return to the company’s roots.

Apple announced the release of several new products including two new versions (13″ and 11.6″) of the ultra-thin MacBook Air, a new Mac operating system with multitouch support, an App Storeand FaceTime for Mac, and an updated version of its iPhoto software.

Further hints were dropped about future additions to the Apple family, such as a MacBook that’ll have a touchscreen, rumoured to be released next summer.

An official announcement of the split of the App Store from the rest of iTunes was also made. Steve Jobs went on to say that this App Store would be in the dock for easy access, and that instant updates and all that good stuff would come with it.

Some impressive sales figures were also unveiled at the event: Macs make up 33% of Apple’s revenue — that’s $22 billion in a year and a 27% growth over the previous year — and that Macs now account for one in five PCs sold at retail in the U.S.

Both versions of the MacBook Air are on sale now Starting at just £849 inc VAT.

iPad Competitor…from Apple

It’s all about the iPad at the moment, or possibly the iPhone 4 and all its problems, but sneaking up under the radar is something that you’d be forgiven for having forgotten that Apple do at all – a laptop. There’s rumours that a new, smaller, thinner (happier, more productive) MacBook Air is on it’s way, and there’s a sneaking suspicion that it might just prove the best competition yet to the iPad.

But it’s not clear cut. The current MacBook Air has not exactly set the market alight, because although it beats the iPad in almost every specification (apart from battery life), the exorbitant price tag puts it out of the reach of all but the most dedicated follower of Apple fashion. The new MacBook Air, however, promises longer life, a size and weight comparable to the iPad and a lower price tag.

Of course, to call it a competitor is in some ways misleading. If you’re looking for something just to check your email, browse the web, or watch media content on the way to work, then the iPad is always going to be for you. If you want something with a bit more oomph to it, however, capable of multitasking, and more high powered computing, then the new MacBook Air will be perfect for you – especially as it will be ludicrously small for such a potent machine, and as with all Apple products, almost indecently good looking.

Ultimately it might just come down to the price. Either way, it’s exciting news, or possibly just another thing to be highly jealous of when someone whips one out on the train.