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HTC’s on the horizon

Somebody’s been working hard spreading rumours about HTC’s new releases for this year, and they’ve even leaked some approximate dates. Remember, a lot of these devices are purely rumours so they may not ever materialise, but there are a few that are definitely set to arrive soon…

The first (that’s already launched) is the HTC Touch Cruise 2009 or HTC Iolite.

Watch this space for accessories from Proporta – they won’t be long in arriving.

The HTC Touch Diamond2, planned for an April release, boasts stunning looks and intuitive controls.


The HTC Touch Pro2, expected in June, treats your calls with as much care and attention as your messages. Business success depends on human interaction after all.


The HTC Magic, expected soon, possibly even in April, is an Android powered mobile device that allows you to stay connected and informed with Gmail, Google Mail, Maps and Search.


To complete the list of rumoured HTC’s with release dates expected from May to November, we have the HTC Maple, HTC Twin, HTC Whitestone, HTC Firestone and HTC Thoth.

So there you have it – a round up of the latest, expected and rumoured devices from HTC. Keep an eye open, because HTC is a favourite of Proporta’s so you can expect some top-notch accessories to be following hot on the heels of each new release.