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Christmas gift ideas 2013


The winter season is nearby and therefore Christmas is coming soon. And as every year, a few days before Christmas Eve, everyone of us is asking ourselves: What shall I buy for my nearest and dearest? And then the stress begins. Running through the crowded streets in the hope to find something perfect. But most of the time it’s either too expensive or just a bit dull. So what now? Proporta has found a solution for this widespread problem. Almost everyone has got a smartphone nowadays, so what about a lovely accessory from Proporta? We’ve made a List of Christmas gift ideas for different types of people to help you through the festive period.


Sports fanatics


The sports fanatic: everyone has got one in their circle. So, if you want to do them a favour and make their life easier, here are some great ideas:

Sports Armband (available in medium & also for iPod nano 7G)

BeachBuoy waterproof cases (available for iPhone 4/4S,5/5S/5C, iPad 3/4/Air, iPod touch 5G, HTC One X, Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 900, Google Nexus 7, Sony Tablet S, Kindle 4, Bike Mounted)

Amphibian Waterproof Case (available for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5)



Mobile addicts


For the ones who cant spend one minute without their mobile and get frustrated when the battery is empty:


Proporta USB TurboCharger 7000 Emergency charger

TurboCharger Power Case (available for iPhone 4/4S)



Music addicts


Looking sharp while listening to music:


Proporta Coloured Stereo Headphones

In-Ear Headphones




And our personal favourite for this winter: Touch Screen Gloves (available in two colours)

They’re both useful and look stylish, so everyone can use them.



What else?

New to Proporta, you can now create your very own case with a photo of your choice.


Why Proporta?

We have fair prices, we deliver fast, worldwide and in case you’re not completely satisfied, you don’t have to worry, because we have a Lifetime Warranty on many of our products.





Charge your smartphone at festivals using the power of music…

If you’re at Glastonbury this weekend or heading off to any other festivals this summer you could find this interesting. Orange have unveiled a t-shirt that can be used to charge smartphones by harnessing the power of sound and it’s being trialed at Glasto. In the future this could mean that you may never be caught short with a flat battery whilst watching your favourite band. Click here to read the article.

The first ever iPad gig

Source: Shiny Shiny

Manchester band Everything Everything are making a musical first this evening by streaming their London gig live to iPads. There’s a custom-made app for the occasion called ‘Man Alive – Everything Everything: Live at Union Chapel’.

It’s free.

Band frontman Jonathan Higgs said he wanted to make the gig available to people who couldn’t get tickets because the show sold out. He told

“We wanted to try something unique. The concert sold out and we wanted to do something special for fans who couldn’t get tickets. We couldn’t hijack a TV channel but now we can play live to people on the bus, or wherever they want to hear it.”

Well – not every fan on the bus of course, only the ones with iPads… Still, it’s a nice perk for fans and a good example of iPad app as TV channel. It will also be available to stream on

The Proporta office gets that little bit more musical

With our ears permanently fixed to the ground on the latest gadgets to hit the market, Max’s birthday brought with it the pinnacle of musical technology…



Do you remember your first Nokia?

There are many weird and wonderful videos lurking on YouTube, but this particular video amused us all at Proporta.

Cast your mind back to your old Nokia (ah yes, the hours we used to waste playing snake), and you’ll remember the extremely irritating ringtones they came with.

Obviously not everyone found these ringtones as annoying as we did. This guy on YouTube has dedicated some long hours to adding a back beat.

Click here to take a look. You’ll either be very amused or highly annoyed. Either way, we warned you.