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Go Marathon Max

On Sunday 18th April 2010, Max will attempt (and succeed) to run the inaugural Brighton Marathon… all 26 miles of it. The race kicks off in Preston Park, heads down to the seafront, along to Rottingdean via Ovingdean, goes west to Shoreham Power Station and ends on Madeira Drive. You’ll no doubt agree that it’s a very long way.

If you know Max you’ll probably know that he works for us. Proporta also set up a charity a couple of years back – giving bright (but really poor) children in Sri Lanka the chance to an education that they wouldn’t normally get. It’s very small and very efficient, and unlike some charities with large overheads, Proporta covers all admin costs themselves. Meaning that every penny raised from every mile that Max runs, will go directly to the kids.

If you’d like to donate to the Proporta Education Foundation and give Max a bit of motivation to finish the big race, please do so by clicking the donate link below.

Here’s some snaps to show you how hard he’s been training…

Max’s bit for charity

If you’re a follower of the Proporta blog you’ll know that although we’re a hardworking bunch, we sometimes like to break it up a little with a touch of the crazy. Logistics Manager, Max “Barnabus” Denyer, is well known for being able to create a smile in even the most pressurised of situations… whether it be parading as Wolverine during a statistics presentation, or donning Richie from downstairs’ mod-inspired long coat and Union Jack helmet in the run up to a new iPod launch. What Max wasn’t counting on was the rest of the office spotting an opportunity to raise some money for our charity in Sri Lanka, and chipping in to make him wear it all day. It’s all for a good cause (not to mention our amusement) Max.