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iPhone Case Union Jack Options from Proporta

Choosing iPhone 4S cases with the right design for you is increasingly becoming something that we’re all thinking about. With this year being a great one for Britain thanks to the Diamond Jubilee and international sporting events galore, we thought we’d show off some of our unique Union Jack design iPhone 4S cases to get into the spirit of things. If you’re looking for an iPhone protective case to show your support, see what iphone case Union Jack options Proporta has up its sleeve below…
iPhone 4 case - flag

iPhone 4 CaseFlag £14.95

The iPhone 4S Case – Flag from Proporta is ideal for anyone on the go or with an active lifestyle. For an iPhone case Union Jack option that is hard against a battering but still manages to look great, these iPhone 4 cases (plus 4S) are perfect.


iPhone 4 Leather Pouch - Gold Union Jack

iPhone 4S Leather Pouch Gold Union Jack £19.95

Are you on the hunt for a snug fitting leather iPhone 4 case or iPhone 4S case that has all the glitz and glamour of a truly British night out? Then you’ve bagged yourself a catch with the Gold Union Jack Leather Pouch from Proporta. This leather iPhone 4 case will offer you luxurious protective lining and an exterior credit card slot to make this a shoe-in for practicality as well as fun.

iPhone 3GS case / Pouch - Union Jack Leather Style

Leather Style Union Jack Case £19.95

A modern classic in the making, this iPhone 4S case has something distinctly retro about it. In fact, if smartphones were around in the 1960s this would surely be seen in the hands of a Vespa riding mod. Its luxury lining and leather style material mean your phone can feel the care it deserves when it’s snug inside.

iPhone 4 Case - Patent Leather Style - Union Jack

iPhone 4S CasePatent Leather StyleUnion Jack £19.95

The glossy, patent look of this patriotic iPhone 4 case (also for 4S) will certainly keep your phone from getting damaged whilst showing off its flag loud and proud. This is definitely an iPhone case Union Jack option that will not let you down when your jumping for joy at all of this year’s sporting events.


iPhone 4 Case - Runner

iPhone 4S Case Runner £14.95

As a beacon for sports around the world this year, these iPhone 4S cases have a great athletic design. This is a welcomed addition to the hard shell case range that takes all the bashes of your active life and keeps your phone from being harmed.

Top 5 iPhone 4S Case Buying Tips

When picking out an iPhone 4S case, it’s very important to make sure that you select the right one for you. But relax, Proporta is here to help you so that you end up with the perfect iPhone protective case for your lifestyle. So whether you need a hard-wearing yet sleek leather iPhone 4 case or a cover that can withstand the wettest and grimiest conditions, this handy Top 5 run-down we’ve put together will surely find your phone its perfect match.

Quiksilver hard shell iPhone 4S case
1. It sounds simple, but you may find that you need more than one iPhone 4S case or iPhone 4 case for certain situations so think carefully. For instance, you might work on a building site during the day and need an iPhone protective case that acts as a hard hat for your smartphone that can withstand knocks and possible drops. In this case, opting for a hard shell with a screen protector is going to be best for you.

iPhone 4S Case - Aluminium Skin
2. If you need easy and fuss-free access to your smartphone but still want the utmost confidence in its protection, you will probably find that an aluminium skin iPhone 4S case or iPhone 4 case will be ideal. This acts as an additional protective layer without adding any bulk to the smartphone, and looks great too in a range of colours.

3. It’s fair to say that having an iPhone 4S case has quickly become something of a fashion accessory for both men and women alike. It’s for this very reason that there is an increasing number of designer and artistic cases available now, meaning you can be proud to show off your latest trend on nights out whilst avoiding damage to your phone when you’re busting shapes on the dancefloor.

The BeachBuoy Waterproof Case
4. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an action man or woman, then you will almost definitely need a 100% waterproof phone case to keep your gadgets from being damaged by wet or dusty conditions. The BeachBuoy is a fantastic example of an affordable innovation that will let you get on with life in and around water without any hassles.

iPhone 4S Advanced Screen Protector with High Clarity & Ultra Clear Transparency
5. Whether you have a touch screen or not, it is vital that you apply a screen protector to the display of your phone. This will prevent any scratches from ruining the interface (we know cats love touchscreens) and you won’t even notice that it’s there.

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