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Ultrabooks: Ultra Cool or Super Fad?

If you were following the CES conference that took place in Las Vegas recently, you will almost certainly have heard of Ultrabooks. In fact, it’s fair to say that “Ultrabook” has become a bit of a buzz word among industry experts and gadget whizzes for 2012. So what is an Ultrabook exactly? At Proporta, we have put together the ins and outs of this new product so you can decide whether you’ll be the first in the queue to buy one or on the other side of the window judging all the shoppers.


Image: IntelFreePress

What is an Ultrabook?
Think of a regular sized laptop, put it on a diet and give it some brain juice. An Ultrabook can simply be described as a thin (under 18mm thickness), light and very powerful netbook, and is brought to you by numerous PC manufacturers using new Intel hardware. The cynics among us are probably already shouting out “Haven’t you heard of a MacBook Air?” and while it’s true there are plenty of similarities, the one main difference is that these are PCs made by a range of well-known computer giants, such as Toshiba and Acer and could be much more affordable.

Will it make my friends jealous?
Most probably yes. But there are already plenty of experts advising consumers to wait until Windows 8 arrives before diving into the Ultrabook world. Having the newest Microsoft OS on your sleek new computer will surely make you the envy of all your friends. Dress it up in a fancy new ultrabook case and watch your Facebook friend count shoot up (well maybe not, but you’re sure to get some “ooh aaahs” from your chums).


The stuff inside
– Powerful and long-lasting batteries
– Intel Sandy Bridge integrated graphics for powering DirectX
– Identity protection system for extra safe web browsing
– Fast information sharing, e.g. when sending links/photos
– Sleeker appearance

The verdict
Is the Ultrabook just a clever marketing ploy introduced at the CES conference to compete with the tablet? Or is it genuinely a marvel in the technological sphere that will change the way we all use computers? We suspect it’s a mixture of the two, but it’s certainly interesting times for the good old PC, which is not going down without an “ultra-fight”.

In the meantime, for the lucky ones with MacBooks and other similar netbooks, make sure you protect and personalise them with laptop cases.

Transform your hoodie into a computer sleeve

Martin, an ex-Proportian sent in this video as he knew it’d be of interest… and it certainly is.

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