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3 Kindle covers perfect for summer holidays

Planning an escape from the doom and gloom of ‘The Great British Summer’? Chances are you will be taking your e-reader along with you to relax and unwind in the sunshine wherever you are. Take a look at our handy guide that runs down 3 of our favourite Kindle covers to make sure you can enjoy your break without having to worry about your Kindle.

1. Waterproof Kindle Case – BeachBuoy for e-readers
These Kindle 4 cases allow you to e-read in full confidence around water and dirt. Whether you’re floating on a pool lilo, bathing on a white sand beach or lounging on a boat, your e-reader will be protected in up to 5 metres of water (BSI approved and everything!).

BeachBuoy Waterproof Kindle Covers

2. Kindle 4 Cases – Leather style with ‘Butterflies’ design
For Kindle covers that suit their exotic environment, this ‘Butterflies’ design is certainly the way forward. Bright colours and vibrant butterflies on high quality faux-leather make for a fashionable and extremely protective Kindle case for summer holidays.


Kindle 4 Cases - Butterflies

3. Kindle Covers – Pouch
Ideal for holidays, this leather style Kindle case is easy to pack and won’t get in the way on the flight.


Kindle cases - Pouch

You can find a range of Kindle covers at Proporta, where there are plenty of additional options.

Is the Kindle Fire UK release on the horizon?

Talk of the Kindle Fire UK release has escalated in the last few weeks with rumours abound as to when it will finally hit these shores.

Kindle Fire UK release
On sale in the US since November of last year, the Kindle Fire launch has been somewhat of a mystery in the UK and other territories, despite all the other versions being made available here in good time.

Now, some large electronics retailers have fuelled Kindle Fire UK release speculation by listing Amazon’s tablet as a main contender in the Christmas 2012 favourites, which suggests it could be with us in the next few months.

However, according to various online sources, not only is the Kindle Fire launch imminent, but there is a second version of the tablet in the pipelines which could also be released in time for the festive period.

Of course it is not impossible to get hold of the Fire from the US, which means there are a lucky few here in the UK who already own one. Proporta offers a good Kindle Fire cover range to ensure that they can keep their tablets protected.

While the rest of us wait for its arrival, you can find an extensive Kindle Fire case selection at the Proporta website as well as a range of Kindle covers for the rest of the versions available to us now.