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New Waterstones Kindle covers by Proporta now available

Pop into your local Waterstones and you might just see Proporta’s latest Kindle cover designs on sale. Working in collaboration with the prestigious British book retailer, Proporta is proud to have produced the new collection of Waterstones Kindle cases available in many stores now, with more coming soon.

Waterstones Kindle covers

Lynnette Prigmore, Proporta’s Head of Product, explains more about the exciting venture and lovely new products available as a result:

“We’ve been working very closely with Waterstones’ product team on this project and are not only delighted to see Waterstones featuring the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Fire and Fire HD in their stores with such focus on user experience, but very pleased to see our carefully hand crafted accessories appear alongside them.

Among the selection are some colourful leather and leather style cases featuring famous quotes from world-class authors, exclusive designs from the V&A Museum and The National Gallery and a Sherlock Holmes inspired case complete with deer stalker hat emboss and tweed lining. What is apparent is the level of craftsmanship and detail that has gone into the design right down to the hand stitching and raw paper packaging. We’re extremely proud of this collection and, although definitely a little biased, believe that these are the nicest Kindle cases we’ve seen in the market to date.”

Kindle coverKindle case for Waterstones

If your well-read mind is taken with the new Waterstones Kindle cover collection, head to Waterstones fast. Keep an eye on the Waterstones website too, as they will soon be available online.

Is the Kindle Fire UK release on the horizon?

Talk of the Kindle Fire UK release has escalated in the last few weeks with rumours abound as to when it will finally hit these shores.

Kindle Fire UK release
On sale in the US since November of last year, the Kindle Fire launch has been somewhat of a mystery in the UK and other territories, despite all the other versions being made available here in good time.

Now, some large electronics retailers have fuelled Kindle Fire UK release speculation by listing Amazon’s tablet as a main contender in the Christmas 2012 favourites, which suggests it could be with us in the next few months.

However, according to various online sources, not only is the Kindle Fire launch imminent, but there is a second version of the tablet in the pipelines which could also be released in time for the festive period.

Of course it is not impossible to get hold of the Fire from the US, which means there are a lucky few here in the UK who already own one. Proporta offers a good Kindle Fire cover range to ensure that they can keep their tablets protected.

While the rest of us wait for its arrival, you can find an extensive Kindle Fire case selection at the Proporta website as well as a range of Kindle covers for the rest of the versions available to us now.

3 Waterproof Kindle case options for reading in the bath

If you thought that bath-time reading was reserved strictly to paper books, think again. The waterproof Kindle case means you can soak yourself with a good story and not worry about damaging your Kindle or other e-reader. Find out what waterproof Kindle cases are available to you below.

BeachBuoy 100% Waterproof Kindle Cover

BeachBuoy waterproof Kindle case

As one of Proporta’s most popular products for smartphones, it’s also possible to protect your e-reader with the larger BeachBuoy. Whether you’re relaxing in the tub or sitting by the pool on holiday, the BeachBuoy for Kindles and e-readers will ensure you splashes or dunks will keep your gadget nice and dry in up to 5 metres of water. See the BeachBuoy for Kindle in action in the video below.

Aquapac Waterproof Kindle Case


Salt-water and UV rays have nothing on these Kindle cases, making them the perfect addition to your holiday pack list. Relax with your e-reader in the pool or at the beach knowing that it is not going to be ruined by sea water, sand or the sunlight.

Kindle BeachBuoy Bundle

BeachBuoy Bundle

For the ultimate in protection for your e-reader, the Kindle BeachBuoy Bundle is the kit to have. Not only will your Kindle be 100% waterproof in the case, but its screen will also be shielded from any knocks, bumps or scrapes thanks to the Kindle screen protector, leaving you to immerse yourself in the latest novel without any trouble.

Find your waterproof Kindle case at Proporta.

Kindle Touch now on sale in UK and Europe

The Kindle Touch release has been announced by Amazon for 27th April and is now available for pre-order across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. (If you can’t wait that long, there is a great Kindle Touch cover range already at Proporta.)

Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch – a touch screen e-reader – will be sold as a wi-fi only option for £109 or with wi-fi and 3G for £169, with no connection fee payable monthly.

The new Kindle has been on sale in the US for around five months and has been highly anticipated on European soil since then, with the Kindle Fire still to be released outside of America.

Competing with touch screen e-readers from Sony and Kobo, the Kindle Touch release is set to be the latest in a long line of runaway successes by Amazon and is expected to continue to dominate this market.

With a large Kindle Touch cover range available from Proporta, there are plenty of reasons to keep a new Kindle protected due to its impressive features with a Kindle case, which include:

– “Experimental” web browser
– 70g weight which is heavier than the Kindle 4
– “X-Ray” feature allowing readers to find passages in a book
– Portrait and landscape modes
– Harry Potter will be available as an e-book series to the new Kindle

With so many new features, there’s more reason than ever to make sure that you protect your e-reader with a Kindle case. There is a large Kindle Touch cover choice available at Proporta right now.

Best Kindle Cover Options for You

Find the right Kindle cover and you won’t be sorry later on. For such a precious bit of tech that is taken all over the place by its owners, you could avoid damaging or even breaking your e-reader just by picking out an effective Kindle 4 cover. Get all the facts and suggestions you’ll ever need with our nifty guide to selecting the best Kindle 4 case for you.

Kindle cover screen protector
1. A lot of us are guilty of chucking our Kindles into bags with our keys (and the kitchen sink) which leaves their screens extremely vulnerable. As such, the first recommended step in protective Kindle cover choice would be to apply a screen protector. This is a highly valuable thin layer that sticks over the top of the Kindle’s screen. Once it’s on you won’t even notice that it’s there and your screen will no longer scream in pain when it’s scratched.

BeachBuoy for Kindle
2. You could be the most careful and diligent person in the world on holiday,, but that won’t stop an excitable child from drowning your Kindle in the pool on the way in to his belly flop. That’s why the 100% waterproof BeachBuoy Kindle cover will be heaven sent for your trips away to the sunshine. Preventing water damage in up to 5 metres water depth, you could even take your latest read out on your rubber ring.

Amazon Kindle 4 Cover - Leather Style Protective
3. Look around on any bus, train or tube and you will almost certainly see somebody engrossed in their latest e-book. Choose a hardy and high-quality Kindle cover that protects the external shell and the screen whilst allowing you to get lost in a story, no matter how busy the transport is.

Amazon Kindle 4 Case - Leather Style Flip
4. If you spend a lot of time reading at a table, then buying a Kindle 4 cover that doubles up as a stand will make you very happy indeed. Get full protection as well as a useful stand feature in your Kindle 4 case and gives those hands a rest.

Ted Baker Kindle 4 Covers
5. Along with phone cases, the Kindle cover market is certainly taking a step towards fashion with an increasing number of chic and uniquely designed products taking the spotlight. There’s no reason at all why you can’t choose a Kindle 4 case that makes a style statement with designer labels all jumping on board.

See Proporta’s exceptional Kindle cover selection for more choices.