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3 Kindle covers perfect for summer holidays

Planning an escape from the doom and gloom of ‘The Great British Summer’? Chances are you will be taking your e-reader along with you to relax and unwind in the sunshine wherever you are. Take a look at our handy guide that runs down 3 of our favourite Kindle covers to make sure you can enjoy your break without having to worry about your Kindle.

1. Waterproof Kindle Case – BeachBuoy for e-readers
These Kindle 4 cases allow you to e-read in full confidence around water and dirt. Whether you’re floating on a pool lilo, bathing on a white sand beach or lounging on a boat, your e-reader will be protected in up to 5 metres of water (BSI approved and everything!).

BeachBuoy Waterproof Kindle Covers

2. Kindle 4 Cases – Leather style with ‘Butterflies’ design
For Kindle covers that suit their exotic environment, this ‘Butterflies’ design is certainly the way forward. Bright colours and vibrant butterflies on high quality faux-leather make for a fashionable and extremely protective Kindle case for summer holidays.


Kindle 4 Cases - Butterflies

3. Kindle Covers – Pouch
Ideal for holidays, this leather style Kindle case is easy to pack and won’t get in the way on the flight.


Kindle cases - Pouch

You can find a range of Kindle covers at Proporta, where there are plenty of additional options.

Best Kindle Cover Options for You

Find the right Kindle cover and you won’t be sorry later on. For such a precious bit of tech that is taken all over the place by its owners, you could avoid damaging or even breaking your e-reader just by picking out an effective Kindle 4 cover. Get all the facts and suggestions you’ll ever need with our nifty guide to selecting the best Kindle 4 case for you.

Kindle cover screen protector
1. A lot of us are guilty of chucking our Kindles into bags with our keys (and the kitchen sink) which leaves their screens extremely vulnerable. As such, the first recommended step in protective Kindle cover choice would be to apply a screen protector. This is a highly valuable thin layer that sticks over the top of the Kindle’s screen. Once it’s on you won’t even notice that it’s there and your screen will no longer scream in pain when it’s scratched.

BeachBuoy for Kindle
2. You could be the most careful and diligent person in the world on holiday,, but that won’t stop an excitable child from drowning your Kindle in the pool on the way in to his belly flop. That’s why the 100% waterproof BeachBuoy Kindle cover will be heaven sent for your trips away to the sunshine. Preventing water damage in up to 5 metres water depth, you could even take your latest read out on your rubber ring.

Amazon Kindle 4 Cover - Leather Style Protective
3. Look around on any bus, train or tube and you will almost certainly see somebody engrossed in their latest e-book. Choose a hardy and high-quality Kindle cover that protects the external shell and the screen whilst allowing you to get lost in a story, no matter how busy the transport is.

Amazon Kindle 4 Case - Leather Style Flip
4. If you spend a lot of time reading at a table, then buying a Kindle 4 cover that doubles up as a stand will make you very happy indeed. Get full protection as well as a useful stand feature in your Kindle 4 case and gives those hands a rest.

Ted Baker Kindle 4 Covers
5. Along with phone cases, the Kindle cover market is certainly taking a step towards fashion with an increasing number of chic and uniquely designed products taking the spotlight. There’s no reason at all why you can’t choose a Kindle 4 case that makes a style statement with designer labels all jumping on board.

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