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iPhone Wristlet Guide

The iPhone wristlet has certainly been making an impact recently with the way we all protect our phones changing greatly. Gone are the days of iPhone 4S cases being all about function and nothing about style. The success of the iPhone 4 wristlet just proves that accessorising with fashion in mind has become the norm when protecting smartphones. In this quick guide, we’ll show you some of our favourite iPhone wristlet options so you can step out with your smartphone and keep up with the trends.

Lalita iPhone Wristlet
Lalita iPhone 4S wristlet

As iPhone 4S cases go, it is fair to say that this is one that does not conform to the old-fashioned notion that a phone case must only be functional. This vintage style iPhone 4S wristlet is comes in a range of cheery colours and is made from high quality leather for the ultimate in high end phone protection. The iPhone wristlet attached means you can always be sure that when you’re showing your case off, it is securely wrapped around your wrist and won’t be going anywhere. Plus, this iPhone 4S case boasts a holding pouch that lets you charge up your phone while it’s still inside.

Ted Baker iPhone 4S Wristlet

Ted Baker iPhone 4S Wristlet

Available in glossy black or white, these Ted Baker iPhone 4S cases provide fashionistas with a chic purse style iPhone 4 case. With a branded pop stud and classically sophisticated design, this iPhone wristlet has a detachable wrist strap as well as plenty of space for cards and notes.

Kenzo iPhone 4S Wristlet

Kenzo iPhone 4S Leather case - Tokyo Red
Perfect for a night out, this Kenzo iPhone 4S case is just what you need for fantastic protection that just oozes class and luxury. This Kenzo iPhone wristlet brought to you by Proporta includes a magnetic closure system and that trust wrist strap to make sure you can hold onto your phone.

Find a new iPhone 4S wristlet with Proporta.

Spring Clean your mobile – blooming lovely cases and accessories


With spring approaching, it’s time to give your smartphone a spring clean with Proporta’s fresh range of protective cases, handy gadget bags, cable tidy solutions and germ resistant screen protectors. You can also get a blooming lovely 10% off all the products featured in this week’s newsletter by entering the promotion code BLOOM10 at the checkout.


Ted Baker Floral iPhone 4 / 4S Cases

Ted Baker – Poppies

Ted Baker – Blossom

Ted Baker – Fairy

Plus FREE shipping &
Lifetime Warranty
Plus FREE shipping &
Lifetime Warranty
Plus FREE shipping &
Lifetime Warranty
Germ Resistant Screen Protectors

iPad 2 Anti Bacterial Screen Protector with SteriTouch

Samsung Galaxy S2 Anti Bacterial Screen Protector with SteriTouch

IPhone 4S Anti Bacterial Screen Protector with SteriTouch

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Tidy away cables and gadgets

Silicone Cable Tidy

Drawstring Gadget

Gadget Bag / Cabin Luggage

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Lifetime Warranty

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iPhone Case Union Jack Options from Proporta

Choosing iPhone 4S cases with the right design for you is increasingly becoming something that we’re all thinking about. With this year being a great one for Britain thanks to the Diamond Jubilee and international sporting events galore, we thought we’d show off some of our unique Union Jack design iPhone 4S cases to get into the spirit of things. If you’re looking for an iPhone protective case to show your support, see what iphone case Union Jack options Proporta has up its sleeve below…
iPhone 4 case - flag

iPhone 4 CaseFlag £14.95

The iPhone 4S Case – Flag from Proporta is ideal for anyone on the go or with an active lifestyle. For an iPhone case Union Jack option that is hard against a battering but still manages to look great, these iPhone 4 cases (plus 4S) are perfect.


iPhone 4 Leather Pouch - Gold Union Jack

iPhone 4S Leather Pouch Gold Union Jack £19.95

Are you on the hunt for a snug fitting leather iPhone 4 case or iPhone 4S case that has all the glitz and glamour of a truly British night out? Then you’ve bagged yourself a catch with the Gold Union Jack Leather Pouch from Proporta. This leather iPhone 4 case will offer you luxurious protective lining and an exterior credit card slot to make this a shoe-in for practicality as well as fun.

iPhone 3GS case / Pouch - Union Jack Leather Style

Leather Style Union Jack Case £19.95

A modern classic in the making, this iPhone 4S case has something distinctly retro about it. In fact, if smartphones were around in the 1960s this would surely be seen in the hands of a Vespa riding mod. Its luxury lining and leather style material mean your phone can feel the care it deserves when it’s snug inside.

iPhone 4 Case - Patent Leather Style - Union Jack

iPhone 4S CasePatent Leather StyleUnion Jack £19.95

The glossy, patent look of this patriotic iPhone 4 case (also for 4S) will certainly keep your phone from getting damaged whilst showing off its flag loud and proud. This is definitely an iPhone case Union Jack option that will not let you down when your jumping for joy at all of this year’s sporting events.


iPhone 4 Case - Runner

iPhone 4S Case Runner £14.95

As a beacon for sports around the world this year, these iPhone 4S cases have a great athletic design. This is a welcomed addition to the hard shell case range that takes all the bashes of your active life and keeps your phone from being harmed.

what are our favorite Proporta products…and why?

Over the past week in the office we have been asking the question ‘ What is your favourite Proporta products and why?’

We asked everyone one from the guys in the warehouse to Guy our Managing Director what cases and items they liked and we have a very broad response, a few classics were in there but a few cheeky supervises slipped in there as well.


Have a read and see what you think, maybe it is the same as you? If it is we would love to hear from you…

Marta G – USB TurboCharger 5000

I love this product because it means that I never run out of power during my travels

Chris C – Doodle Pad Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4/4S

Creative, funny design – I remember doing drawing like that when I was a kid on note books etc. It’s more a nostalgic case which I like.

Nick H – BeachBuoy Waterproof case

If only I’d had one with me this summer when I was on the beach and a freak wave wiped out my iPhone4 in an instant. I have now bought one!

Lynnette P – My favourite Proporta product is the Ted Baker Kindle Case.

It has a really nice faux-croc design on the outside and a lovely rose print lining. I always get lots of “oohs and aaaahs” on the train whenever I use it. It’s also got a document holder that’s really handy when travelling (it’s housed many a plane ticket) and the book style means that I can still assume my normal reading position even though I’m now down wiv da kidz.

Stephanie S – Ted Baker Hard Shell Case (Garden Print)

I love the design and the quality of the case. Piece of art.

Ben T – GadgetBag

This is my favourite product because it is very handy when on the move and can store lots of valuables such as my iPhone, wallet and any other valuables I may have on me. Lightweight and stylish too.

Guy M – BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

Pure genius!

Nick W – My favourite product is the Profile Case for the iPhone 3G/3GS.

I bought one for my girlfriend, and it’s really tough and sturdy, so she can drop it to her hearts content without fear. She used to have a case from someone else that wore out after a year, but I have a feeling this one will last a lot longer.

Graham B – Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch for iPhone / Smartphone

Perfect for my needs, sleek, stylish and very strong.

Neil M – Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

Soft touch gives this a great feel in the hands I even think the colours great.

Diego A – USB Turbocharger 5000

think is the most portable and versatile of our accessories AND it can also be recharged easily by USB anywhere.

Hiran M – Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Pouch Apple iPhone 4S

ECO Friendly, innovative in the way it uses bamboo sheet and stylish.

Gary R – Turbocharger backpack for iPhone 4/4S

Protection and power in one.

Debbie I – BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

I really think the BeachBuoy is a life-saver. I took it on my last holiday and it protected my iPod from the salty water and the sunshine (oh those halycon days). But, most importantly, it protected this device from the sticky mitts of my two children. Oh, and as the sun went down it doubled as a vessel for an ice-cold beer.

Max D – My favourite product is the USB TurboCharger 5000

as I can’t live without my iPod and BlackBerry, and now they’re never short of power.

Sarah S – Shine case for iPad 2

The vibrant colours and bold patterns make this case stand out from the crowd.