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Hoorah for summer…

Having experienced a little bit more of the hot stuff than usual over the past few weeks (must be a record in Ol’ Blighty), at Proporta our minds have started to wander towards holidays, summer travel and the beach. And being an adventurous lot, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite travel essentials (and some great offers to boot) to keep your gadgets safe and sound, and fully charged, wherever you are.

These offers are valid from Saturday 21st May to Saturday 28th May.

Proporta announces the Quillit Stylus Pen for all Touch Screen Devices…

Thursday 17th March 2011, Brighton, England:

Today, gadget and mobile accessory manufacturer, Proporta, has launched the Quillit Stylus Pen. Unique to Proporta, the Quillit is a multi-function stylus for all touch screen devices as it incorporates a retractable brush stylus (for capacitive screens), a nib stylus (for resistive screens) and a high quality pen.

Quillit Stylus Pen £24.95
Lynnette Prigmore, Head of Product at Proporta said: “The retractable design means that not only do you get three functions in one compact setting, but also the brush stylus in the Quillit will last longer than other types we’ve seen, which can fray and become ineffective over time.” The Quillit is incredibly practical, as it works with both resistive and capacitive touch screens by switching between brush and nib stylus heads. This makes it ideal for operating tablet PCs and Smartphones, and in addition it is also a beautifully styled writing instrument with a nice heavy-weight feel and deluxe finish.

Available from

Proporta’s new iPad 2 accessory range

Proporta quick to produce a record number of cases for the new iPad2…

Thursday 3rd March 2011, Brighton, England: Proporta, the Brighton based manufacturer of protective gadget cases and accessories, is quick off the block to produce a range of accessories and cases for the new Apple iPad 2. Proporta announced 17 new products designed specifically for the new Apple iPad 2. There are 15 different protective cases ranging from £19.95 to £59.95 and two Advanced Screen Protectors, which is a record number of announcements for one device from Proporta. All the cases are available on and will start shipping in four weeks time.

Guy Monson, Co-Founder and Director of Proporta said, “It’s great to see magnets being used in the new iPad to switch the device on and off. Proporta will certainly be making use of that functionality in our new line-up of cases and accessories. I know we’ll also be working with our partners in the fashion industry to make sure our accessories stand out from the crowd.”

The range includes two styles of Proporta’s unique Aluminium Lined Leather Case, an eco-friendly Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case, two exclusive Mizu flexible TPU shells, five fashion-focused cases from the Proporta Shine collection and a distinctive Maya II pouch range. Two Leather Sleeves, Profile Hard Shells, Leather Style Cases and
a Black Leather Case complete Proporta’s Apple iPad 2 protective case offering. In addition, Proporta has announced two crystal clear screen protectors: an outstanding Advanced Screen Protector and (another Proporta first) the Antibacterial Screen Protector with Steritouch, which will kill 99% of all known germs.

Aluminium Lined Leather Case for the iPad 2 £59.95

Part of the flagship Aluminium Lined range, which is exclusive to Proporta, it is made from the finest leather that is reinforced using lightweight aircraft grade aluminium. This provides excellent protection without adding weight or bulk to your iPad 2. Features include a notepad (for any old-school types) and an integrated, multi-position stand feature. Options available are black with a pinstripe interior or brown with a tartan interior.

Mizu Flexible TPU Shell for the iPad 2 £24.95
The Mizu Shell is made from flexible TPU (a bit like hard silicone) and will fit your Apple iPod 2 like a glove, so it provides you with a high level of protection. Choose between red or black versions.

Shine High Gloss Case for the iPad 2 £39.95
Two very distinctive women’s protective cases for the iPad 2, with a stand feature and room for business cards. Both have a high gloss exterior with patterned interior, the black version has a zebra print lining, and the red one features a beautiful floral interior.

Recycled Leather iPad 2 Case £39.95

Proporta has pioneered the use of recycled leather in protective cases in their Proporta
Smart range. Now the legacy lives on by using this innovative, hard wearing material in a
case with stand for the new iPad 2.

Maya II Case £19.95

Available in three colours, black, pink and white, the Maya II cases all feature Proporta’s unique Maya asymmetric lined detailing, which is what makes the Maya range stand out from the crowd.

Real Leather Case for the iPad 2 £39.95

A classic, black leather, protective case for the iPad 2 with a built-in stand for easy
operation and media viewing.

Real Leather Sleeve for the iPad 2 £34.95

A smart and simple leather protective sleeve for the new iPad 2. The case is available in two colours, black with a pin stripe interior and brown with a tartan lining.

Leather Style Cases for the iPad 2 £34.95

Made from a hard-wearing PU, both of these cases have a luxury leather look and feel.
Available in brown or black.

Advanced Screen Protectors for the iPad 2 £14.95

Proporta has produced two varieties of Advanced Screen Protector for the new Apple iPad. Both feature crystal clear protection for your screen and one has an Antibacterial coating from Steritouch which kills 99% of all known germs, including e-coli and salmonella.

Proporta’s deal of the day!

Proporta’s deal of the day for our March Madness sale

iPad Impact Protective Crystal Shell Half Price + another 10% off with promocode MARCH1

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Proporta January Round Up

Hello and welcome to what I hope is the first of our monthly industry
updates. I get literally dozens of magazines every month and in these
updates I will be selecting the highlights and interesting tit-bits which
may come in useful.

Next iPad Killer…

If I have seen this term once then, it has appeared in every magazine. The
honest truth seems to be that the iPad still remains king and slayer of all
that come to challenge. The market place is littered with the bloody shells
of discontinued and updated tablets from all sorts of well renowned
manufacturers, and at CES alone this year there were nearly 100 on show. In
every test and review this month the iPad remains triumphant winning Best
Buy in BBC Focus magazine and even managing a five star rating in an
article on the Android Tablets in Stuff magazine, which is quite impressive
when the iPad doesn’t even run the Android operating system.

However, the next serious contender seems to be the Motorola Xoom which won
CNET Best in Show at CES in Las Vegas (Apple was not there by the way).
Being the first tablet with a dual core processor and running the Android
3, Honeycomb operating system, Could this be the one?

Smartphone Round Up

HTC seem to be storming the market. Stuff magazine featured three HTC
models (Desire HD, HD7 and Legend) in their top five Smartphone review. The
number one slot was of course taken by the iPhone 4 which in true Stuff
fashion was described as “Slimmer, sexier and smarter than the rest”
and I would not be surprised if they airbrushed the image and photographed
it on the beach wearing a Bikini.
Other coverage of note focused on the Nokia N8 which seems to have a solid
following and the Blackberry Torch 9800. The one to watch seems to be the
LG Optimus 2X, which is getting some serious reviews, but is not out until
later this year.

Let’s talk Media

Apple continues to dominate with all the iPod models getting wide coverage
and rave reviews. The only outsider of note seems to be Cowon which have
two models gaining coverage, the J3 and the large screened X7. The J3 won a
coveted best buy in Which magazine and many reviewers see the X7 as the
Anti-iPod. As such it could gain significant market share if the hype

Last, but not least the return of the Palm…

Let us not forget the Palm is the bed rock of our company and the device to
which we all owe our jobs. Introducing the Palm Pre 2, there will of course
be the die-hard fans, but this is little more than an accessorised Palm Pre
Plus a sort of pimp my Palm if you will. The operating system is as smooth
as silk, but the hardware features lag behind its competitors. So close,
yet so far. Better luck next time.

The biggest Apple store ever to open in London this weekend

Apple is set to open a “Disneyland” for Apple fans tomorrow in Covent Gardens.

Following the success of the Regent Street store, which is the most successful globally, with more customers and profits than its shops on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Apple has chosen the British capital to set its largest store ever.

The new outlets features several new rooms and services such as the ‘start-up room’ where customers can get their devices up and running before leaving, a room for gadgets where customer will be able to attend workshops and presentations and, of course, a genius bar.

The store was build in a 19th century building, respecting its premise of working around the building’s original architecture, this will be the Apple store to feature the least amound of Apple branding. Elegantly-looking brick and stone building in the shadow of one of London’s busiest public venues, the very wide front of the store has a spiral glass staircase to the right, and a series of wood display tables with architectural surprises overhead.

It is the computer company’s 300th store and forms part of a list of new outlets, which includes those in Shanghai, Chicago and Paris.

Top 5 Tablets

With all the hype about the iPad, you’d think that the tablet PC market was all sewn up. Or, at least, Steve Jobs’ Jedi style reality filter would have you believe so.

But there is an awful lot of competition out there, from existing tablets, and those that are still to come. Trying to identify a top 5 is an almost impossible task, what with every manufacturer trying to trumpet their own creation, and every geek in the world arguing for their favourite, and equally vehemently against the ones they can’t stand.

So, in the spirit of public service, Proporta would like to offer a little, very unscientific survey of some that could qualify for a top 5.

Notion Ink Adam – Being touted as a realistic challenger to the iPad, this impressive little number boasts Pixel Qi screen integration and display, 16GB or 32GB solid state drive, built in camera, wi-fi and 3G running Android. Not officially released yet, it promises to be a proper contender, and definitely looks the part. There are also rumours it’ll have twice the battery life of the iPad. Watch this space.

HP Windows 7 Slate Tablet – Another hotly anticipated new kid on the block, is HP’s Slate Tablet. All specs remain rumours, but at the moment it’s predicted to come in a 32 and 64GB model, with an 8.9” screen, SD card reader, and 2 built in cameras (VGA front camera for video calling and a 3 mega pixel camera on the back for pictures). The OS will be a HP touch optimised UI, based on Windows 7 Premium, and if the promo videos are to be believed, it will be pretty slick. There’s some concern that this may have been shelved since HP took over Palm, but all indications are, at the moment, that it will be released later in the year.

Exo PC Slate – The Exo PC has won rave reviews in many quarters, with the capacitive touchscreen and custom software layer on top of Windows 7 getting particular praise from With an 11” screen, VGA Webcam, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and HD playback, it’s both powerful and pretty.

Dell Latitude XT2 – On the market for a while now, the Dell Latitude XT2 is a business focused convertible tablet, with a 12.1” touchscreen that was rated as one of the best around… at least before the pesky iPad came along. The screen is bright and crisp, the device works equally well in tablet and laptop guise, and it’s happy with a stylus or just your finger. A bit pricey, but a solid, proven performer.

Archos 7 – The Archos 7 is definitely the budget model of choice. Retailing for little over £100, it is compellingly cheap, but not cheap looking or feeling. With a 7” screen and weighing about half the amount of the iPad, it’s portable and pretty. It runs Android 1.5, which makes for good browsing, and whilst techies will have issues with the outdated OS, and the lack of access to the Android store, the less fussy shopper will find a cheap option that does everything they could want it to. The built in kickstand also makes for easy viewing.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know…

Apple iPad Magic by a Street Magician Shinya

Click here for some iPad magic.

Apple delays UK iPad release date till ‘end of May’

Eager Apple fans desperate to get their hands on the iPad now face another month of waiting after demand outstripped supply across the pond.

More than 500,000 iPads were delivered in its first week of sale in America and Apple has admitted its surprise at the demand. A statement issued by the company said: “Demand is far higher than we predicted and will likely continue to exceed our supply over the next several weeks as more people see and touch an iPad.”

Apple has revealed that UK pricing for the iPad will be out 10th May – so that is one date you can pencil into your diary.

“We will announce international pricing and begin taking online pre-orders on Monday, May 10th” says the release.

“We know that many international customers waiting to buy an iPad will be disappointed by this news, but we hope they will be pleased to learn the reason the iPad is a runaway success in the US thus far.”

The official UK release date for the Apple iPad is now ‘end of May’.

Perfect iPad protection from Proporta

The Apple iPad is a beautiful thing, but if you’re going to get the most out of it on the move, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it that way. Fortunately, Proporta has it all covered, with a range of specially designed cases just waiting to keep your iPad safe – and just as importantly, looking fantastic. All on hand as soon as the iPad itself hits the streets.

The Mizu Shell (Apple iPad) is made from a mixture of crystal and silicone, fits like a glove, and provides the flexibility of a soft case with the toughness and strength of a hard case.

The Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch (Apple iPad) features Proporta’s trademark “Screen Saver” System, with a sheet of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium built in to protect against crushing and impact damage, and offers truly unbeatable protection from even the nastiest of surprises, whilst the Maya II Pouch (Apple iPad) is a beautifully handcrafted pouch with a super soft, scratch free lining, and is available in a range of funky colour options.

There’s a whole range of other custom made options to check out – from the Tilt Stand (Apple iPad) that folds out into a portable stand, the luxurious Leather Case and Leather Style Case, and the Profile Hard Shell (Apple iPad) that is made from a thin, yet durable polycarbonate and wrapped in a stylishly designed leather coating.

And last but not least, there’s Proporta’s superb Advanced Screen Protector (Apple iPad). These are made from ultra high clarity plastic, offer superb protection, are easy to clean, and even come with a handy application kit. And let’s face it, taking care of your screen is pretty important when it comes to the iPad.

So if you want to look after your iPad, you really don’t need to look any further. Proporta has more choice than you could possibly need, and as well as keeping everything safe and sound, all these cases will make sure you’re as stylish as can be into the bargain. Why not have a browse?

P.S. You won’t believe your ears – have a listen to the Twisted System – Portable Speakers from Proporta. Perfect for the beach, camping or any outdoor activity that would benefit from a little livening up.