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The New iPad – Top Features

The new iPad is finally here and with Apple reporting that all pre-orders have sold out throughout the world, it’s clear to see that it is already a hit. But what does the new iPad (not named iPad 3 as widely speculated) have in store for the queues of dedicated “Apple Heads” that are sure to line the streets on release day ready to head home with the latest gadget and a new iPad case too? Find out more in our handy guide.

New iPad

Giving 2048 by 1536 screen resolution, it’s fair to say that a new iPad case will be a wise investment to keep that super-advanced display protected. In fact, it has been suggested that this is the most impressive display that a mobile device has ever had. Sharper than most HD TVs, viewing media will certainly appear unlike anything seen before on such a gadget.

The iPad 3 (please can we call it that?) will also boast an updated camera with 5 mega pixel iSight quality as well as an HD video camera. There’s no need to worry about your new iPad case getting in the way though, as all it takes is for a strategically designed cut-out hole over the lens to ensure all those memories are captured whilst your new tablet is securely protected.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this mixture of letters and numbers look more like a car number plate than something to do with the new iPad. However, we can confirm that this is the latest network capability that promises high-speed internet access to mobile gadgets, and the new iPad will be able to connect to this making on-the-go browsing a pure joy.

New iPad Case

We’re sure you would agree that all this, plus the brand new speedy A5 X processor, make this new Apple gadget something definitely worth buying a new iPad case to protect and accessorise. The Apple Smart Cover is an option yes, but it only protects the screen and does not offer all round protection.

The new iPad Announced – Release Date 16th March

New iPad cases

After months of hype, the brand new iPad from Apple has been announced with a launch date of 16th March 2012 across numerous international territories.

Simply called “the new iPad” (not the iPad 3 as we all thought it would be), features of the latest iPad include retina display giving 2048-by-1536 resolution, HD video recording and 4G LTE coverage for high-speed web access.

As well as this, the new iPad will have a faster A5 X Processor, a 5 megapixel iSight camera with the same features of the camera on iPhone 4S, and voice diction capability (not Siri).

Demonstrations of new apps designed to make full use of the power and display of the new iPad were shown to the hundreds of invited attendees of the big event held in San Francisco, with particular emphasis on the gaming aspect. With 1 million more pixels than most HD TVs (264 pixels per inch), gaming will clearly be a key selling point of the new Apple iPad.

Its super-fast web browsing with 4G LTE coverage is sure to revolutionise mobile online use, with worldwide networks signed up to provide.

New iPad - iPhoto

A version of Apple’s very popular photo application, iPhoto will also be released to be used specifically on the new iPad, allowing work on photos of up to 19MP as well as easy social network sharing features. With all these new features, owning a new iPad case is certainly going to be a wise idea.

Lynnette Prigmore, Head of Product at Proporta said “”As with most of the tech world our eyes and ears have been focused on Apple this evening and after tonight’s revelations we can’t wait to meet the new iPad in person. Expect the line up of the new iPad cases and protective covers from Proporta to feature the cases you’ve come to know and love, plus some new accessories to support and enhance the full array of upgrades and new lines from Ted Baker, Quiksilver and Roxy.

We’re particularly excited to see the much awaited 4G LTE feature with a 9 hour battery life, although for those who want an extra boost we have to name drop our USB TurboCharger 7000mAH, which will charge an iPad and iPhone at the same time and keep you going even on a long haul. Combine 4G LTE with the A5X processor, voice diction, HD video recording and the
new version of iPhoto (thank you Apple) and we’re sure you’ll be wanting to get your hands on the “new iPad” come 16th March. And if you do, then you’ll certainly want it to be kept safe and looking as good in a case as it does out of one.”

Here at Proporta, aside from training ourselves not to call it the iPad 3, we cannot wait to get our hands on one and give it a go in a new iPad case.