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iPad 3 accessories – 5 of our favourites

When it comes to iPad 3 accessories, Proporta has it covered. Aside from the vast choice in iPad 3 cases we have, there are plenty of bits and bobs that will really make the most of your Apple tablet, allowing you to enjoy it to its full potential. Take a look at some of our favourite iPad 3 accessories if you’re keen to take things to the next level.

1. New iPad Stylus – Dibber

iPad stylus - dibber

If you’ve gone crazy for the Draw Something app, then this iPad stylus is just what you need (Sarah in our marketing team swears by it and has created some winning masterpieces). To get the best precision when drawing, or just for general use, these iPad 3 accessories go hand in hand with your Apple baby.

2. TurboCharger 7000 Emergency Charger

TurboCharger 7000 emergency charger

Don’t get caught short without any battery power when you’re on the go with the scarily handy TurboCharger 7000. Capable of charging two devices separately, you can use this emergency charger to juice up a vast selection of USB connected gadgets over and over again.

3. Twisted Portable Speakers

Portable speakers

If you’re looking to crank out the tunes, then these iPad 3 accessories are a must. Don’t let their small size deceive you though, as these are surprisingly loud little things. Powered by USB or AAA batteries, you can take your sound on the go.

4. Touchscreen Gloves

Touch screen gloves

Summer is on its way (we hope) but you never know when you’ll need to keep those hands warm, particularly if you use a tablet for work outside. Either way, these touch screen gloves will come in handy during winter as they allow you to use any capacitive touch screen without needing to take them off.

5. iPad 3 Case – Union Jack Back Shell

iPad 3 cases

No iPad 3 accessories list would be the same without iPad 3 cases. There are plenty to choose from at Proporta, and the Union Jack iPad 3 case is one of our favourites for its bright design and hard protection.

Find a range of iPad 3 accessories with Proporta.