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Instagram – what you need to know

It has certainly been hard to ignore Instagram in the last few weeks. With all the news coverage of its sale to Facebook and its launch onto the Android platform, Instagram photos have taken centre-stage and broken out of the tech bubble into the mainstream. But what is this social craze really all about and is it worth all the hype? In between providing the world with fine iPhone 4S cases, we put together this guide so you can get to know this wildly popular app below.


What is this Instagram malarkey?
Let’s start with the basics. Instagram is a smartphone app that allows you take photos, apply funky filters to them and then share with your friends and the world. Up until recently it was only available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. However, Instagram on Android is now available, cementing its presence as one of the fastest growing applications since its launch in 2010.

Who runs the show?
Only founded a couple of years ago by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, can you believe that Instagram has just 13 employees? Based in San Francisco, USA Facebook has just bought Instagram for around $1 billion (that is not a typo). The plans so far are to keep the business independently run, so no major changes are expected as yet. However, increased integration with Facebook has been speculated inevitably.

What does it mean for photography?
As the use of this social networking app grows, so too does the criticism about what it means for photography. There has been plenty of discussion among commentators and the art world as to whether Instagram photos that can be altered so quickly and easily can truly count as photography in the traditional sense. However, many believe that this is merely a progression in photography and should be welcomed as an additional way to create aesthetically pleasing images.

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Why do we love Instagram photos at Proporta?
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