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Proporta bigwig Guy offers some handy advice

The Proporta egg heads were mulling over the credit crunch and the environment the other day and we discovered that a lot of people didn’t understand the workings of the humble room thermostat and its potential to save them money and carbon emissions.
Basically, a room thermostat is a simple on/off switch for your heating (or air conditioning if you’re fortunate enough to be somewhere where you use it). It regulates the temperature of a room by switching your central heating (or air conditioning) off, once the desired temperature is reached (this is usually around 19-22 degrees Celsius or 66-72 degrees Fahrenheit).
However, we found that a lot of people think that, if it’s cold you should turn the thermostat up to maximum to make the room heat up faster. This doesn’t work; all that will happen is that the room will heat up to your desired temperature (19 degrees Celsius) a the same rate as if you had selected this temperature and then continue to heat it to 25 degrees Celsius – whereupon you’ll think it’s very hot and probably turn it down to minimum… you can guess the rest.
So, what the eggheads recommend is that you choose the temperature you like and leave the thermostat alone – come snow or sunshine. If your room is not warming up fast enough then you need to adjust the power of your boiler (that’s another story) or, better still, invest in a nice duvet and a hot water bottle.