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The heat is on

July has arrived. It is the favourite time of the year (at least for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere): Holiday time.

Some of our colleagues have left the office in search of sun, heat, beach and good food.

Proporta says: They needn’t have!

With temperatures tickling nearly 30 °C Celsius (that´s 86°F) and a seemingly never ending sunshine forecast for the English South Coast some Proportians find it difficult to cope with these – for British Standards – high figures. Everyone has a different way of coping with the heat.

Darwin, our much-loved dog, prefers to sleep it out and wait for the weather to change. He barely distracts us from work these days. He has changed his quarters and moved to the warehouse which is colder than the upstairs office. However, Darwin hasn’t discovered our fans yet, otherwise he would probably be spending most of his time with us.


While some cannot bear the heat and have their lunch behind closed blinds upstairs, others prefer to get some suntan during their lunch-break. Gary is happy to have his tuna & sweetcorn sandwich sitting in the chair and enjoying every ray of light.


Hannah reminded us that we are living in England and you never know when you will see the sun again. Patrizia is one of the few left who hasn’t been on holiday yet and doesn’t want to be the only untanned person left in the office.

Not all of us are keen sunbathers though. Mike is known to remind us once in a while about the effects the sun can have on our skin. Time to store up on suntan lotion!

The Meteorological Office has declared a level two heatwave alert and our local council feels the situation is serious enough to give its citizens some heatwave advice. It is hard to imagine that just 4 months ago snow brought large parts of the country to a standstill.

Whatever the situation one thing is for sure: we will be all heading to the beach this weekend. As most of us are Gadget Geeks, we’ll be taking our Smartphones, mobile phones, iPods and the likes with us. Luckily Proporta has the perfect accessories for every situation. We’ll each grab a BeachBuoy and protect them from water, sticky fingers and shingles.

How about you?