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Android event announced by Google for 29 October

Google have announced that they will hold an Android launch event, with invites being sent out for the 29th October in New York City, USA.

Google Launch Event

With a tag line reading “The playground is open” on the invitation, Google have not let on what they will be launching. However, rumours have been increasing over the last few weeks about the possibility of a new Nexus smartphone.

Beginning at 10am New York Time, 3pm GMT, the Google Android event will also be streamed live on YouTube.

After the huge success of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, any Nexus smartphone now has a lot to live up to.

Are you excited by the news of an Android announcement? What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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Have Your Say With Sidewiki

Google has launched a new feature that potentially spells a whole new way for users to interact with the internet. This feature, called Sidewiki, lets you leave comments about any page, read other people’s thoughts, and basically means that every site will have its own Wikipedia page built in.


Access is easy – simply download the latest version of the Google Toolbar, and enable the Sidewiki button in the Toolbar Options. From there things are pretty self explanatory, with a yellow icon signalling that comments have been left, and a white icon indicating that no entries have yet been posted.

Proporta is quite intrigued to see how this will work – or indeed whether it will work at all. As always with new things like this there’s a chance that it will instantly become an integral part of the internet landscape and second nature, or that it will pass most of us by and become a strange little cul-de-sac in the ever developing web. So if you’d like to give it a go, why not download it and let us know what you think, right here? Go on, we’d love to know. At least, we think we would…

Google Wave Whips up a Storm

Well. A new Google service that combines instant messaging, email, social networking, document sharing, and god knows what else in one package. You could say this is what we’ll all be doing in six months time, or just that it sounds pretty damn exciting. And when you add that there’ll be a “monetizable wave extension store”, or iPhone style app shop to you and I, you can see why the idea of Google Wave is whipping up something of a storm.


Available at the moment only on limited invite, just like with gmail, the exclusivity is both an opportunity for Google to test out how it works, and a clever little ruse to make people even more curious. “A wave is equal parts conversation and document”, they tell us, and “a wave is live”. But whatever these things actually mean, you can guarantee that they’re grabbing the imagination, and that no matter how cynical the technophile, they all want in. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait and see, but you can’t tell me you’re not intrigued…