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Google Nexus 7 Case – Behind the Scenes with Proporta

Ever wondered how Proporta makes its fine products, including the brand new Google Nexus 7 Case – Leather Style? Well you’re in for a treat, as we take you behind the scenes showing you our hand-crafted cases being lovingly made ready to keep your gadgets snug and protected.

Our Head of Product, Lynnette Prigmore, recently gave an interview on Geek Native about how we decide on new products, as well as giving some insight into the Google Nexus 7 case and its manufacturing process and we’ve got all the best bits right here for you. Plus, we’ve got some great photos of how our cases are made, including our highly anticipated Google Nexus 7 case.

Q. When/how do you decide the time is right to create a case design for a device? Is it purely a commercial decision based on how well the gadget is selling?

A: This is our trickiest challenge, but one we’re pretty used to after 16 years in the game. We assess a number of things and how well the gadget is selling can be part of it, but often our retailers and customers want the accessory at the same time as they buy their gadget so we don’t always have this information to hand. If this is the case then we look at customer pre-interest, how well a predecessor or similar gadget has performed and add a little bit of gut feel too.

Q. Are you surprised at how well the Nexus 7 is selling?

A: Not at all, given the marketing efforts and price point they’ve positioned the Nexus 7 at. It’s made this sort of gadget much more accessible to anyone who wasn’t too keen on forking out hundreds of £s on a tablet device.


Q. How long does it take to design a case for a tablet?

A: A lot depends on the style of the device and what materials we choose to use, but in our industry we have to move pretty fast so we usually have key times of the year where we put a range of designs together and then we can gain a much faster turnaround – At our busiest times this can be just a matter of hours. We have an excellent in house design team!

Q. What sort of inspiration do you draw on when thinking about tablet case design?

A: We look at the market and what else is available out there, we survey our customers and also use the different devices as much as possible in order to gain a real feel for the device and its needs in terms of accessories from the customer perspective.

Google Nexus 7 Case - the finished product

You can find our new leather style Google Nexus 7 case at Proporta.