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Creative uses for the Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

Recently we ran a little competition on Facebook to ask our fans for the most inventive uses they had for the Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount. With 52 entries and suggestions ranging from strapping it to a fox or the closest alien, it was hard to choose our favourite, so we thought we’d share some of the best answers with you.


Maureen: “I would strap it to my dog and see where he spends all his time.”

Ross:  “I would attach it to my 7 year old’s head and find out how he keeps breaking his glasses!”

Austin: “Fox Cam…I would love to know what those cute little misters get up to on their fantastic journeys through a starry night…”

Holly: “I would use it at the birth of my next child!”

Diane: “On the teeter-totter ride at the top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas – then I could re-live the terror from the comfort of my armchair (if I survived, of course!)”

Andi: “I would like to use the camera in outer space to record the moment that a new star is born.”

Meg: “[I’d] attach it to the nearest alien, so I could see the inside of their spaceship and their moonbase on the darkside of the moon”


To read the rest of the entries visit our Facebook page or to share your inventive use for the Camera Demon simply leave a comment below.

Camera Demon - Helmet Camera Mount

Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount

£24.95 / 29,95€ / $33.95

Whether you’re mountain biking, climbing or hitting the slopes, use the Camera Demon sports cam mount to attach your camera securely to your safety helmet to capture everything you see, no matter what extreme sport you take part in.

Phantom phone vibrations…

Ever had that feeling that your Smartphone case  is vibrating in your pocket because you’ve got a new text or someone is calling you, just to find that you’ve imagined it? Well you’re not alone. According to an article published on the Telegraph’s website people who obsessively use their BlackBerry or iPhone and check it for messages on a regular basis are far more likely to hear or feel phantom vibrations due to the levels of stress they are under.

If you’d like to know more on this read the full article at

Steve Jobs sells Taiwanese tea…

A Taiwanese company that sells tea has recently released an advert promoting their products. The advert shows a Steve Jobs impersonator presenting the tea and telling viewers that they need not be jealous of iPad 2 users, as they have the chance to win one upon buying the tea.

To read more and watch the video of the advert click here.

BlackBerry blues…

With the huge variety of devices that are available on the market it can be easy to be a bit overwhelmed by them all. For those of you who are familiar with the two Ronnies you might like this comedy skit, in which Ronnie Corbett goes in to a shop because he’s having some issues with his BlackBerry and Apple.


Click here to watch the video.

Talking dogs…

When it comes to YouTube you can watch video clips of pretty much anything you like and can imagine. Yet the some of the most popular videos that get posted are home videos of babies and animals. Our latest fave in the office was provided to us by Lynnette and is a video of a talking dog. We just wish we could get Darwin to do this!

Click here to watch the video.

Charge your smartphone at festivals using the power of music…

If you’re at Glastonbury this weekend or heading off to any other festivals this summer you could find this interesting. Orange have unveiled a t-shirt that can be used to charge smartphones by harnessing the power of sound and it’s being trialed at Glasto. In the future this could mean that you may never be caught short with a flat battery whilst watching your favourite band. Click here to read the article.

Calling all Angry Birds fans…

Are you one of these people who could spend hours at a time playing Angry Birds? The overall concept of the game is pretty straightforward: flick a little bird into some pigs. Yet the game has taken the world by storm, to the extent that T-Mobile have now created a real-life version of the game in Barcelona.


Click here to watch the video.


Who’s round it is it anyway?…

Do you always argue over who has to make the next round of tea? On Wednesday Max, Head of Logistics, decided the best way was through a competition. Max, Guy and Mike (Proporta’s Directors) and Diego (Reseller Accounts Manager) all had to adopt the plank position and the loser had to make the tea. Determination and a competitive spirit were in the air and after Max and Mike fell out of the competition Mike took up some dirty tactics to distract Diego and Guy: he put a dog treat on each of their heads in order to get Darwin to distract them.

In the end the overall winner was Diego. And we still haven’t had that round Max…


Clockwise from left: Guy, Max, Diego, Mike, Darwin.

Ben’s scratched iPhone 4…

Always wondered whether your case offers the protection it boasts? Ben, from our Product Dev. team, was dismayed to realise that after just a week out of its case his iPhone 4 developed a scratch from an unidentified object. Silly Ben. If your phone’s suffered from a similar fate let us know and we’ll give the best pic a free case of your choice. (And no, please don’t damage it on purpose as that’ll just make us, and your phone, feel bad).


Queen Elizabeth’s iPad 2…

Here at Proporta we got quite excited when we heard through the grapevine the the Queen now has her very own iPad 2. Naturally, our thoughts wandered to how she’s going to protect it and we decided with a custom-designed Proporta pouch. So, design guru Graham set to work on designing something for HRH,  something classy that reflects her personality and the things she loves. Here’s what he’s come up with.

The pouch is made from purple leather, with the Queen’s emblem embossed onto the front and tag, and a corgi-print lining. Please note: we will not be producing any of these pouches. This picture and blog post are purely for fun.