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Fancy a cuppa?

You have probably noticed if you’ve ordered with us before that we include a tea bag with every order. This has proved to be very popular, particularly amongst the Americans.

So, for a bit of background on the tea bag (as it was invented this very same month in 1908)…

Thomas Sullivan first invented the tea bag in July 1908. He was a tea importer based in New York City. Before this time, tea was imported in tins but this method was very expensive so was unreachable for many.

Sullivan then came up with the tea bag which was actually just a silk pouch with a small amount of tea inside. This meant that the client could taste the tea as before, but he wasn’t wasting money on tins and mailing costs.


His clients were amazed on receiving their samples as Sullivan’s idea was ingenious, they automatically thought that the pouches were designed to go straight into the tea pot when in fact they were supposed to be for transport only! The idea caught on and the clients started to order their tea bags from Sullivan as they were so convenient, much better than the tins.

Now you know where your tea bag originates from you should be pleased that you don’t have the extra hassle of removing the tea from a tin, and order from Proporta and you’ll even get a complimentary tea bag – and very nice tea it is too.