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Music Festival Supplies from Proporta


With the music festival season now in full swing, and the muddy madness already making the headlines thanks to the Isle of Wight Festival, there’s no better time to let you know about our fantastic festival supplies.

Avoid damaging your phone, camera or any other valuables with our superb accessories. Plus, make life easier with innovative products such as the solar keyring torch and charging iPhone case.

Isle of Wight Festival 2012 mud

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You can find a great range of essential festival supplies at Proporta, and until 31st August 2012 get 10% off all the useful goodies in our promotion to ensure you survive the weather and can rock on without worrying.

Essential Festival Gear Checklist

Going to any of the music festivals this year? You’ll need our essential festival gear list to make sure that you’re not caught short, particularly when it comes to your smartphone. Whether you need the best protection in the form of an iPhone 4S case, or are desperate for an affordable emergency charger solution, our festival supplies checklist will be right up your street. Make sure you can enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere of music festivals this year without that niggling feeling that your phone and other belongings are not taken care of.

iPhone 4S Case – Emergency Charger

iPhone 4S case - Power

We all know that keeping your smartphone juiced up is not an easy or especially fun thing to do at music festivals. What if we told you there was a way to charge and protect your phone without queuing, paying ridiculous fees or adding any bulk to your festival supplies? This iPhone 4S case does just that – providing you with an emergency charger whilst your phone is encased, you can get on with cheering on your favourite bands knowing you’ve got protection and battery life.

Festival Gear Must – Solar Keyring Torch

Festival gear - Solar Keyring Torch

This great gadget should be high up on every festival supplies list. Simply add it to your keyring, let is soak some sun up and you will have a bright torch for those nights when stumbling around other peoples’ tents just isn’t an option.

BeachBuoy – Waterproof iPhone 4S Case

BeachBuoy Waterproof iPhone 4S case

When you think of the best British music festivals, it’s fair to say that images of torrential downpour, soaked revellers and mud slide carnage are what come to mind. Make sure your phone and other valuables are kept safe from the inevitable inclement weather by popping them into the BeachBuoy, Proporta’s 100% waterproof iPhone 4S case (also fits other smartphones).

These innovative Proporta favourites will certainly allow you to get on with getting lively at music festivals this year.