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Creative uses for the Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

Recently we ran a little competition on Facebook to ask our fans for the most inventive uses they had for the Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount. With 52 entries and suggestions ranging from strapping it to a fox or the closest alien, it was hard to choose our favourite, so we thought we’d share some of the best answers with you.


Maureen: “I would strap it to my dog and see where he spends all his time.”

Ross:  “I would attach it to my 7 year old’s head and find out how he keeps breaking his glasses!”

Austin: “Fox Cam…I would love to know what those cute little misters get up to on their fantastic journeys through a starry night…”

Holly: “I would use it at the birth of my next child!”

Diane: “On the teeter-totter ride at the top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas – then I could re-live the terror from the comfort of my armchair (if I survived, of course!)”

Andi: “I would like to use the camera in outer space to record the moment that a new star is born.”

Meg: “[I’d] attach it to the nearest alien, so I could see the inside of their spaceship and their moonbase on the darkside of the moon”


To read the rest of the entries visit our Facebook page or to share your inventive use for the Camera Demon simply leave a comment below.

Camera Demon - Helmet Camera Mount

Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount

£24.95 / 29,95€ / $33.95

Whether you’re mountain biking, climbing or hitting the slopes, use the Camera Demon sports cam mount to attach your camera securely to your safety helmet to capture everything you see, no matter what extreme sport you take part in.

Facebook announcement rumours – what could it be?

Today’s Facebook announcement (due at 6pm UK time) has sent the rumour mill into overdrive for the last few days with speculation as to what the social network will be launching at their press event on 15th January 2013.

Facebook announcement

There has been talk since last year about the possibility of a Facebook smartphone coming out to join the already crowded race in mobile phone land. But what else could it be? Journalists were asked to “come and see what we’re building”.

We run down the Facebook announcement rumours pre-launch to help you get in the mood for the big reveal later on.

Facebook Smartphone
Although Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has hinted that a Facebook smartphone was not on the cards last year, a lot can change in just a few months in the Internet world. One thing’s for sure, Proporta will certainly be eager to provide you with a Facebook phone case if this is in fact what they’re launching.

New News Feed
Speculators think that Facebook could well want to expand the news feed into a hub for worldwide information, rather than just being about the people you’re friends with.

Charged Messages
Facebook told the world last year that they were thinking about implementing a $1 charge for every private message sent to non-friends, so could this be the announcement?

Facebook as the New Search Engine
Could the world’s biggest social network also become a search engine?

What do you think the Facebook announcement will be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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here’s a sneak peek at Spreaker…


Here’s a sneak peek at another new app before it goes into the App Store. Spreaker, which is a very streamlined app that does for audio what Twitter does for text and YouTube does for video — makes it extremely easy to share content across social networks.

With Spreaker, you can broadcast live radio right from your mobile.  Anyone can create content and broadcast it instantly to one’s Facebook page, or listen later as a podcast. In addition to being a cool app, Spreaker also boasts a robust backend website that allows you to do much more interesting and fun things, like adding studio sound effects and background music to your productions.

An adhoc version of the app for iPhone is available for download from TestFlight here and it’ll be in the App Store next week, and on Android immediately thereafter.

Promo video here – have a look.



This will be the next big thing, watch out facebook and twitter…there’s a new sheriff in town.



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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’ve probably heard of (and lost many hours to) the social networking site Facebook. Having started as an internet craze, Facebook is now one of the most well established social networking sites on the web and has made keeping in touch with people even easier, and arguably a lot more fun. Here at Proporta we have our very own Facebook page and would like you to join us. Click here to become a fan or a friend, and view the exclusive offers which are only available to our lovely Facebook pals. See you there.