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Proporta saved my iPhone

A customer recently got in touch to share his great story…

“I just wanted to thank you so much! Yesterday in a typical hurry I left my job to go home and I was thinking about my kids, dinner and my wife ;), etc. I put my iPhone on the roof of my car (I never do this!) to have a spare hand to put my jacket inside, some bags…and then got inside my car.

I started driving (I work in the outskirts of Madrid in Spain), went through a roundabout and started to descend one of the exits to get into the highway when I heard a “BUMP” on the roof, I then looked at the place I leave my iPhone in the car, it wasn’t there, and I screamed MY IPHONE!!!!

I stopped some meters away thinking of my loss…when I got out of the car a miracle had happened! It was there, it had just turned upside down and it was because I had fitted it with your excellent Dual Skin Silicone Case that kept it from sliding down the roof!

I was really, really amazed and so happy! I accelerated the car to 70km entering the highway and there it was, without a scratch.


Thank you very much indeed for such a great product from a happy customer!”

Teddy, Madrid.