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A Blue Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day Proporta decided that they would raise money by swearing. In the Proporta office the language that some people use can get a little fruity. Red Nose Day saw a ban on all swear words (after a long discussion deciding what exactly constitutes a swear word and whether swearing in another language counts – it does) and Debbie (our office manager) ensured that anyone caught using bad language would be fined 50p. Quite a few of us have already been caught out (Max within 4 minutes of being in the office, and Graham 30 seconds – see below for how the collection tin looked even before 9am), and others are yet to use a naughty word. Lynnette, Debbie and Mike are strong contenders for the highest donators of the day, but only time will tell…


…and at the end of the day our foul mouths made £30.49 for charity. Never has swearing been so profitable.

Proporta get ready for Red Nose Day

Friday the 13th of March (hopefully not unlucky this time round) is the date for this year’s Red Nose Day. This is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK calendar, with the 11 Red Nose Days since 1985 making over £420m for a huge number of vital projects both in Britain and abroad. This Friday will see schools, offices and individuals across the land trying to raise money for charity through all sorts of crazy means. Whether it’s buying a red nose, wearing something wacky to work, or taking a bath in the traditional tub of baked beans, it’s a great day to be involved in and Proporta are going to be doing their part to raise money on the big day.

We haven’t quite decided what we’re doing yet. Lynnette thought about making some cakes to sell (they’re really good – trust us), whilst Amy thinks we should all wear a suit to work (as we’re a dress-down office usually) and bring £1 to donate to charity. Get in touch and let us know what you think we should go for, and how you’re raising money for the big day. Most importantly don’t forget to take part as the money is going to some great causes. For more information on how to get involved check out the Official Red Nose Day Website.