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Christmas gift ideas 2013


The winter season is nearby and therefore Christmas is coming soon. And as every year, a few days before Christmas Eve, everyone of us is asking ourselves: What shall I buy for my nearest and dearest? And then the stress begins. Running through the crowded streets in the hope to find something perfect. But most of the time it’s either too expensive or just a bit dull. So what now? Proporta has found a solution for this widespread problem. Almost everyone has got a smartphone nowadays, so what about a lovely accessory from Proporta? We’ve made a List of Christmas gift ideas for different types of people to help you through the festive period.


Sports fanatics


The sports fanatic: everyone has got one in their circle. So, if you want to do them a favour and make their life easier, here are some great ideas:

Sports Armband (available in medium & also for iPod nano 7G)

BeachBuoy waterproof cases (available for iPhone 4/4S,5/5S/5C, iPad 3/4/Air, iPod touch 5G, HTC One X, Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 900, Google Nexus 7, Sony Tablet S, Kindle 4, Bike Mounted)

Amphibian Waterproof Case (available for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5)



Mobile addicts


For the ones who cant spend one minute without their mobile and get frustrated when the battery is empty:


Proporta USB TurboCharger 7000 Emergency charger

TurboCharger Power Case (available for iPhone 4/4S)



Music addicts


Looking sharp while listening to music:


Proporta Coloured Stereo Headphones

In-Ear Headphones




And our personal favourite for this winter: Touch Screen Gloves (available in two colours)

They’re both useful and look stylish, so everyone can use them.



What else?

New to Proporta, you can now create your very own case with a photo of your choice.


Why Proporta?

We have fair prices, we deliver fast, worldwide and in case you’re not completely satisfied, you don’t have to worry, because we have a Lifetime Warranty on many of our products.





New Waterstones Kindle covers by Proporta now available

Pop into your local Waterstones and you might just see Proporta’s latest Kindle cover designs on sale. Working in collaboration with the prestigious British book retailer, Proporta is proud to have produced the new collection of Waterstones Kindle cases available in many stores now, with more coming soon.

Waterstones Kindle covers

Lynnette Prigmore, Proporta’s Head of Product, explains more about the exciting venture and lovely new products available as a result:

“We’ve been working very closely with Waterstones’ product team on this project and are not only delighted to see Waterstones featuring the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Fire and Fire HD in their stores with such focus on user experience, but very pleased to see our carefully hand crafted accessories appear alongside them.

Among the selection are some colourful leather and leather style cases featuring famous quotes from world-class authors, exclusive designs from the V&A Museum and The National Gallery and a Sherlock Holmes inspired case complete with deer stalker hat emboss and tweed lining. What is apparent is the level of craftsmanship and detail that has gone into the design right down to the hand stitching and raw paper packaging. We’re extremely proud of this collection and, although definitely a little biased, believe that these are the nicest Kindle cases we’ve seen in the market to date.”

Kindle coverKindle case for Waterstones

If your well-read mind is taken with the new Waterstones Kindle cover collection, head to Waterstones fast. Keep an eye on the Waterstones website too, as they will soon be available online.

iPhone 5 Tri-Fold and Festive Collection NEW from Proporta

Proporta has launched new additions to its iPhone 5 case collection, including a brand new, unique cover style called Tri-Fold. And with thoughts already turning to Christmas, there are three new festive themed iPhone 5 cases.


iPhone Tri-Fold Cases – £29.95
Black and Red, Blue and Grey, White and Red

iPhone 5 case - Tri-Fold Black & GreyiPhone 5 case - Tri-Fold Blue & GreyiPhone 5 case - Tri-Fold White & Red

Using a secure fold over a magnetic flap, this iPhone 5 cover safely houses and shields the iPhone without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Plus, the inside of this newly designed case is home to some handy card slots so you can keep all that’s important in one place.

iPhone 5 Festive Hard Shells – £14.95
Kringle, Blitzen, Prancer

Festive iPhone 5 Cover CollectionFestive iPhone 5 cover - Blitzen

With festive prints having a strong presence in the world of fashion, embrace all things Christmassy with these wintry looking iPhone 5 cases.

These new iPhone 5 case collections are now available to pre-order from Proporta.

Seasons greetings from Proporta and Darwin

Now that we’re well and truly into the festive season and Christmas is fast approaching (3 sleeps until Christmas day) there’s a jolly atmosphere in the office.  Even Darwin is getting into the spirit of things.


Festive Darwin Christmas Proporta

Merry Chrismas everyone, from the Proporta team.

and the winner is…Samsung

Figures released today in UK shows that sales of Samsung handsets have passed Apple to own more of the market in Q3, which runs from July-September.


Samsung now own 23.8% of the market to Apple’s 14.6% and in third place in Nokia with 14.4%  of the market. In Q3 Samsung sold 27.8 million units compared to Apple’s 17.1 million units.


With all these handsets out Proporta has it covered (literally) with our extensive ranges of cases and accessories for both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S as well as older models as well.


In the office today we have run a quick questionnaire into which mobile phones each us have, the findings look slightly biased however it’s a great range.


BlackBerry Curve – one
BlackBerry Torch  – one
BlackBerry Bold 2 – one
iPhone 3GS  – one
iPhone 4 – four
iPhone 4S  – One
HTC Desire HD – one
HTC Google Nexus 1 – one
HTC Desire S – one
HTC Wildfire – one
Samsung Galaxy Ace – one
Samsung Google Nexus S – one
Other – two

Pretty interesting don’t you think?


Already in Q4 the battle to be the best selling handset will really hot up, with Christmas round the corner who is going to win….?


Top 10 Worst Christmas Cracker Jokes

As it’s Christmas we couldn’t resist blogging some real Christmas cracker joke corkers. Here’s the top ten sent in from the Telegraph readers.

If these don’t do it for you – feel free to comment with your own crackers.

1) What’s brown and sweet and glides around an ice rink?
Bourneville and Dean

2) What’s a specimen?
An Italian astronaut

3) What do you call a short sighted dinosaur?
A do-you-think-he-saw-us!

4) What do you call a man with brown paper trousers?

5) What do you call a man with a pole through his leg?

6) Why would you invite a mushroom to a Christmas party?
He’s a fun guy to be with.

7) Why was Santa’s little helper feeling depressed?
He had low elf-esteem.

8 ) Who was England’s first chiropodist?
William the Corncurer

9) Why should husbands make the early morning tea for their wives?
Because the Bible says He Brews

10) What’s the longest word in the English language?
Smiles, because there is a “mile” between the first and the last letters.

Win an iPod with Proporta this Christmas


Proporta is running a special Christmas competition throughout December. Any order placed once the advent calendars have opened will give you the chance to enter and win yourself a 2G iPod Touch (32GB) (worth £229), USB Turbocharger 3400 World Pack or Twisted System – Portable Speakers. Winners will be announced in January.

No Tinsel til December!

We’re all getting used to the steady spread of Christmas into the rest of the year, as it now seems to start sometime after the back to school promotions of September, and not finish until the shops start stocking Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Retailers, it seems, can’t get enough of tinsel and fake snow, even when there are still leaves on the trees, and with the recession still biting hard there’s no sign that this year will be any different. At Proporta, this drives us a little bit mental, but if you think Britain’s bad, as always our neighbours across the pond take things to the extreme.

In the US this year, Christmas promotions have already started for many of the major shops. Toys ‘R’ Us are advertising “Christmas” discounts with Santa reclining on the beach, KMart have got a “Christmas Lane” on their website, and Sears department stores have already got holiday grottoes installed. Some Americans think it’s great – “A bargain’s a bargain” – whilst others are taking a more bah humbug attitude, saying that the whole thing “reeks of desperation”. And we’re definitely on the humbug side – Christmas in July might be the name of a song, but that doesn’t mean we need to make it a reality.


So, here at Proporta we’d like to start a little informal campaign, called “No Tinsel til December!”. We don’t want to see anything remotely Christmassy thrust in our faces until the advent calendars are out, and we’ll be looking to continue the British tradition of getting all your presents in a mad rush on Christmas Eve. It’s the English way, and that’s why we like it. Enough is enough!