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Samsung & Sony Face Off in the Battle of the Megapixels

The competition to see who can produce the best mobile phone camera continues apace, as both Samsung and Sony Ericsson have announced new models boasting a fairly amazing 12.1 megapixel snapper. This is higher than the vast majority of digital cameras, and although Sony were the first to show off their new baby, Samsung have nipped in with an earlier release that may steal their competitor’s thunder. The Samsung Pixon12 is expected to go on sale in Europe any time from the end of June, whilst the Sony Ericsson Satio will not be available until Q4 2009 at the earliest.


The meteoric rise in camera phone technology and usage has really hurt the camera industry over the last few years, and with these latest models offering even more impressive picture quality, it’s hard to see things changing. Whichever way you look at it, these phones pack a lot into a small package, and now the interesting thing will be to see who wins the latest battle for the megapixel market…