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Creative uses for the Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

Recently we ran a little competition on Facebook to ask our fans for the most inventive uses they had for the Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount. With 52 entries and suggestions ranging from strapping it to a fox or the closest alien, it was hard to choose our favourite, so we thought we’d share some of the best answers with you.


Maureen: “I would strap it to my dog and see where he spends all his time.”

Ross:  “I would attach it to my 7 year old’s head and find out how he keeps breaking his glasses!”

Austin: “Fox Cam…I would love to know what those cute little misters get up to on their fantastic journeys through a starry night…”

Holly: “I would use it at the birth of my next child!”

Diane: “On the teeter-totter ride at the top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas – then I could re-live the terror from the comfort of my armchair (if I survived, of course!)”

Andi: “I would like to use the camera in outer space to record the moment that a new star is born.”

Meg: “[I’d] attach it to the nearest alien, so I could see the inside of their spaceship and their moonbase on the darkside of the moon”


To read the rest of the entries visit our Facebook page or to share your inventive use for the Camera Demon simply leave a comment below.

Camera Demon - Helmet Camera Mount

Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount

£24.95 / 29,95€ / $33.95

Whether you’re mountain biking, climbing or hitting the slopes, use the Camera Demon sports cam mount to attach your camera securely to your safety helmet to capture everything you see, no matter what extreme sport you take part in.