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10 of the best iPad 3 apps upgraded for retina display

Looking for the best apps for iPad 3 that show off its brand new retina display? If you’re lucky enough to own the latest Apple tablet, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to use it to its fullest potential (even if it’s for showing off). With its crisp resolution, there are an increasing number of iPad 3 apps that have been updated to really make the most of this and we’ve prepared a top 10 of the best iPad apps (available from iTunes) so you don’t have to go fishing around for them. There’s more to us than our exceptional iPad 3 cases.

iPad 3 apps

1. Star Walk
This highly popular astronomy app has been improved so that the visuals really thrive on the crisp new screen. Star gazing never looked so good.

2. Infinity Blade II
All graphics and features of this action-packed game are updated for maximum enjoyment.

3. Kindle
All text in e-books and publications appears sharper than it ever has, ensuring top quality e-reading time.

4. Another Monster at the End of this Book… Starring Grover & Elmo!
As one of the best iPad apps for children, the colours and bright and bold. Images and animations are now sharper

5. Incredibooth
iPad 3 apps for photography have benefited greatly from the exceptional resolution with Incredibooth acting as a photo booth with impressive looking effects.

6. Twitterrific
This Twitter client is a must for anyone who tweets daily and can’t imagine not sharing what they had for lunch with the Twitterverse.

7. iPhoto for iPad
When the new iPad was launched the new version of iPhoto for the tablet was part of Apple’s announcement due to the fact that photos never looked so great on such a device thanks to the retina display.

8. Evernote
Take notes, save photos and generally organise your life with this sharp app.

9. Soundcloud
Discover brand new music and share it with your friends with the retina-display-ready Soundcloud.

10. Real Racing 2 HD
The update on this speedy game makes it one of the best iPad apps for the impressive screen, including 2048 x 1536 retina support.

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