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Top 10 April Fools

Oh what fun, Proporta loves this day. We have a right ol’ laugh. Here’s a few of our favourites that we’ve come across today…

Google Translate for Animals
And our favouriate line here is, “Herbivores and omnivores are not known for their linguistic ability. Although it has been discovered that tortoises have expansive general knowledge.” What a hoot.

Ref revolution is wheely great

TwitPic – Extra Terrestrial Encounter Protection

Atom smasher plan for London’s Circle Line

Kodak – Aromatography

Google Docs – Upload anything

Ferrets to revolutionise Broadband

BMW – Political Roundels

Macmillan Cancer Support launches April Fool’s campaign

Prof Brian Cox to appear in Corrie

And one for good measure:

Give Yourself a Jump Start with Proporta

Enjoy the rest of it whilst it lasts – in fact, it’s past midday so I think that’s it for this year. Until next year….

Proporta’s top ten April Fools gags

Everyone at Proporta enjoys a good joke, so we thought we’d give you the run-down of the best tech related April fools gags. Enjoy…

10. The entire Internet will be rebooted and consequently completely down for 1 minute.

9. BBC iPlayer now available on a toaster.

8. Track the Queen’s Corgi with Google Maps.

7. Toshiba launched the World’s first Petbook – your canine friends will never be bored on a rainy afternoon again.

6. Twitter added to the national emergency response programme – individuals in distress will soon be able to send direct messages to 911.

5. Never walk into a lamp post whilst texting again with the new TXT’N’WALK app.

4. A break though innovation in mobile communication. Pigeons provide mobile network coverage.

3. Virgle Flights to Mars. Virgin teamed up with Google for this practical joke, offering galactic flights to Mars.

2. Proporta’s Fugu Case – protecting unsuspecting Proporta customers of light fingered thieves.

1. The iCar from Apple featuring touch-screen steering and a single pedal to replace the traditional accelerator and brake.

Ultimate Protection from Proporta

Fugu is the Japanese word for puffer-fish, which is both a great delicacy and a deadly poison. The little fella looks innocuous enough, until you make him angry, and makes delicious eating if you can get past the aggressive teeth, puffed up fins, and, of course, the deadly poisonous inner organs.


Proporta have taken a leaf out of the book of this clever puffer-fish, and are proud to bring you the Fugu Case (Anti-Theft – Mobile). This protective case offers the usual high standard of Proporta protection, keeping your mobile safe from everday knocks and scratching, but with an all new defense system designed to guard against theft. Once activated by its owner, the Fugu Case is armed with a code dependent incendiary device that is triggered by any unauthorised body that attempts to steal it. The ensuing explosion inflates the case to 20 times its normal size, thus deterring the thief and alerting the owner to the attempted robbery. Never again do you need to worry about light-fingered phone thieves, and if you fancy some puffer-fish protection, we’ve also got a range of exclusive discounts available when you buy this product. Check it out here.