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Amazon Kindle DX

A new Amazon Kindle has been announced – the Amazon Kindle DX. The new DX is 250% bigger than its predecessor the Amazon Kindle 2 and has built in PDF reader.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive was heard to have quoted at the New York conference, “You never have to pan, you never have to zoom, you never have to scroll. You just read,”

And, if you want to change the orientation of the Kindle DX, you just rotate it. We think it sounds pretty slick.

This summer, three newspapers have agreed to offer Kindle DX for a reduced price on long-term commitments to subscriptions. They are New York Times, Boston Globe and the Washington Post.

There is mixed reactions over the price ($489) as it is $130 more expensive than the Kindle 2. But many people are not willing to spend that much just to see the newspaper on a big screen. Proporta reckon it’s a very debateable issue.

Its features include a 9.7 inch display with auto-rotation and 3.3 GB of storage. It also allows readers to expand margins, shortening the length of lines.

A world without paper seems to be what Amazon is working towards, as Bezos’s words indicate “It wouldn’t be bad if we could inch our way to a paperless society.”

The Amazon Kindle DX is available for pre-order now for shipment this summer so watch out for Proporta’s accessories to suit.