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Small Talk

A new iPod shuffle has joined the ever-growing Apple family, and this one can even talk to you. It’s crazily small – half the size of the previous generation – and yet there’s even more room for your tunes. This little fella has 4GB of storage and holds up to 1000 songs, and on top of that, you can also enjoy multiple playlists. The controls are now handily located on the headphone cord, and as we speak, Proporta are cooking up some nifty accessories for this beautiful little device, so watch this space.

And it’s not just all talk – it really does speak to you. The new feature is called “VoiceOver”, and means that with the press of a button this iPod shuffle will tell you the song that is playing and the artist. It also announces the name of your playlists and even tells you when your battery needs charging. In fact, the problem might be getting it to shut up…