Style your phone or tablet with a vintage look, by Lalita

Yes, there is one for every mood. So many directions to go in. What’s your style? Dapper or Dandy? Girly or vintage?

Get yourself something original and design a special phone case by Lalita, with your own touch. As much as you need that new handbag or pair of shoes, the new collection of Lalita personalised phone cases will make you swoon too.

Featuring unique designs by vintage fashion brand, Lalita, your iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, Galaxy S3/S4 or iPad mini can look the part too now.

Create your Lalita personalised case now.

photo case test blog jitlalita case test 2

blog foto lilitaVisit our website and take an image from our Lalita collection: trendy, fashionable, unique.

The new hard shell case collection by Lalita is now live and available at Proporta.

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