Whether we like it or not, there’s a phenomenon taking place that we all know about, and it’s been catapulted into the spotlight further this week as it has become the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. What are we talking about? The (dreaded) selfie.

What exactly is a “selfie”?

A selfie refers to a picture that someone has taken of themselves on their smartphone or camera. It usually involves a pose of some sort, with the duckface being favoured by many (an extreme pout).

Dubbed (by us) the modern day self-portrait, we think you can chart the rise of the selfie in direct correlation to the growth in social networks and smartphone technology.


A history of the selfie

Around 11 years ago, Friendster was born (arguably the first social network). This was one of the first places where users could take and upload profile photos to be published online.

Soon after, in 2003, MySpace took its place, and from that moment the “selfie” began to emerge more and more as we were all encouraged to share every aspect of our lives with friends and family online.

But the decisive change came with the introduction of the front-facing camera on various smartphones, combined with the advent of Facebook a few years later.


Selfie technique

Since then, it has become normal – and almost expected – to shamelessly hold your phone up high above your head and pout up to it in even the most mundane of situations.

Celebrities and “normos” alike can’t wait to take their best duckface and share it online, and it has become somewhat of an addiction in some cases.

Our solution for the Selfie Addict

If you are a fan of the selfie craze, Proporta has the ideal thing just for you…

Now, not only can you have your face on your screen, but your beautiful mug can also be all over your phone case. Simply upload your best duck face to our customiser and within a few clicks, your design will be ready.

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