‘Scanner + Printer + Shredder’ by Proporta’s IT Chris

Chris Hayes of Proporta IT department fame proved today that you don’t need to be in marketing to tell a good tale. We had to share this circular that Doctor Chris (as he’s also known) sent to all Proporta staff when he realised there were a few chin-scratching members of staff looking puzzled at the mysterious printer/scanner/shredder disappearances:


In the thrilling conclusion of what at first seemed like a match made
in Heaven...


After enduring the constant advances of a certain high-capacity
shredder, our on-off printer has decided to cheat on its former
companion, Scanner.

Scanner has been granted custody over Scanner Junior and have
relocated to Julia's office where it's currently being consoled by Ricoh.

Meanwhile Printer and Shredder have eloped to behind Maciek's table,
not realising that Scanner also moved into the same neighbourhood..
it's all getting a little uncomfortable for them.

(or in less crazy English)

The scanner is now in Julia's room, and the printer and shredder are
now near Maciek's desk.

Kind regards,
- -- 
Chris Hayes, Systems Administrator

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