Proporta now protect you against cyclones and run-ins with trams*

Recently two customers contacted Proporta with amazing tales of how their cases withstood some rather out of the ordinary events. You can probably tell why Proporta lines its leather cases with aircraft grade aluminum.

Vicki recalls, “I bought two cases for the iPhone 3G. I kept the red one for myself and gave my daughter the pink one. Yesterday my daughter called me from San Francisco to tell me her phone had fallen out of her bag as she was walking up one of the steep hills to get to her friend’s apartment. When they realised the phone was missing, they went back out to look for it. My daughter spotted the pink case in the middle of the street, but before she could get to it, a cable car ran over it. In horror, she ran into the street to pick up the mangled case. My point is that after all that, the phone is fine. Not one scratch. Thank you!” Vicki, San Francisco.


David also notes, “Another excellent product came in the form of an iPod leather flip case – it met it’s demise only when my car was washed away in the midst of a cyclone which struck my city last year. Even then, it only warped a little bit; such was the quality of it!” David, Edinburgh.


We’re not sure about advertising our cases as cyclone proof just quite yet, but it’s always good to know.

*Not necessarily.

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